introducing…the new mister the new mister is a faster, smarter app formeeting real guys nearby. it’s an app where you […]

hi everyone;george willingham here i just wanted to do a short video here and talk about some great results people […]

survival – it is humanity’s most basic instinct. even when our emotions and bodies are stripped down to their limits, […]

let me have a drink of this before we getgoing… hey guys what’s up it’s dani and today forthe first […]

cofounder and ceo of tinderusually sat down for an interview, and during thisinterview with the standard he said some things […]

james miller here james no i’m back onin this video maturity in my le-vel reviews and actually any point during […]

ava doesn’t blink on screen… ever ex machina is directed by alex garland, stars alicia vikander, oscar isaac and domhnal […]

"the film that was’nt meant to be made" director puri jaganath goes to bangkok to write scripts but i dont […]

people and organizations rely on “the cloud” to do many of the things they care most about. communicating with family […]

guys are traveling here today and on andon passing of the microsoft surface their three versions of the surfaceheresy thirty-two […]