to apply our mission camo film to your firearm,you will need the following items; denatured alcohol, a sharp hobby knife, […]

well hey there! this is seth from the retipster blog and today i wanted to show you about this interesting […]

i’m deb, and i’m a professional shopper. i go to, shop my favorite sites and ebates sends me a […]

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john bolton, former us ambassador to the un,finally got it right. the un arms trade treaty, bolton says–likely to be […]

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i unfortunately didn’t find the second squirrel, but i hope to get more squirrel hunts for you guys.thanksfor watching!

hey everybody. i just finished week 3 andi am starting week 4 for the piyo test group. i am in […]

there is a guy–he has a really cool vehicle…it’s like a segway. let’s talk to him. what is this thing […]