21 Day Fix Review

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hey guys! this is teri. i just want to senda quick video out to tell you i am on day three of t25 workout. i picked it up at summit.and i got to tell you guys, this is an amazing workout, 25 minutes, 5 days a week. so if time is an issue with you, this is anawesome workout. even if time is not an issue, my husband, he just did it twice. but it willpush you yet anybody can do this workout. there’s a modifier. she shows you everythinghow to do it. so i highly recommend this workout. i was looking at the food guide today also,really good. it’s 5 ingredients, 5-minute prep, 25 recipes. very simple. so if you – your main excuse has been, “idon’t have time.” as a mom of two, i understand

that and i can tell you this workout willtruly help you. you get it done quick. you’re working on your core. you’re working onyour shoulders. first month is zero equipment, all body weight. so go talk to your coach. ask them about t25,how you can get yours. if you don’t have a coach, go to fitfortheking.net and findit there today. we also have amazing challenge packs where you can get the new vanilla, thet25 on sale until the end of july. so any questions, holler at me. but guys, i’m tellingyou, this workout rocks.

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