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the restyled headlights new grilladdress your fog lights on the 2015 honda cr-v we’re going to start to lookpretty familiar in a while that’s because the crv is perennial eone of the best-selling suvs in the country so you’re going to start to seea lot of these on the road but the visual updates signal a lot that’sdifferent for 2015 let’s see if the cr-v has what it takesto stay on top now the current gen cr-v goes all the way back to 2012 neverreally been kind of that interesting to look at but the 2015 updates to add alittle bit of visual interest here

you’ve got leds that kind of encirclethe headlights here a new kind of more creased grill thattakes over from the old three bar design which really dominated the nose so it does stick out a little bit moreamong small suvs let’s take a look at the inside carvretains one of its biggest draws and that’s a lot of kind of utilitarianfunctionality on the inside things like a conversation mirror here to talk topeople and back a nice upright seating position with good sight lines thanks totall windows and relatively narrow pillars all around you

all of that is still here to stay whichis a good thing up a few material differences dress your door handles nowa nicer woven material along the sun visors but still no improvement kinda to thedoors up here which have pretty cheap materials things like not enough armrestpadding here a lot of hard touch kind of cheap plastic along the upper doors verystrange that haunted didn’t invest in that because the company did invest innicer dashboard materials here not sure why didn’t just leave thedashboard the same and instead throw the money into their now most trim levelsget this 7-inch screen here same similar

system to what’s in the honda civicwithout the capacitive touch controls from the civic which are a good thingbecause capacitive touch kind of doesn’t really have a place in cars but it seemslike what honda did was to make this sort of 11th hour design change and sowhat you’ve got over here are these tiny little buttons for things like stereovolume home screen a back button really not easy to use most of our editorsfound things like scrolling a swiping functionality works on some screens butthen you get over to other screens and and it doesn’t really work here so youend up having to go over different menus with different buttons a lot of submenus to kind of work through not really

the best setup overall now a coupleother utility things still have dual-level storage areas here along thedoors which is nice it’s also a nice big kind of wide glovecompartment but what the crv used to have was a nice low center console herethat actually had a lot of space and open up a lot of room for kind of yourthighs to end up in you had flipped down armrest instead of this center armrestright here instead now there’s a very big kind of bulky center console theconsole itself seems a lot smaller than it used to be you do get ac vents that kind of directmanner to the people and back which the

last year we didn’t have but how to sayyou kind of sacrifice a lot to get there still there are a lot of qualities ofsmall families will like about the crv particularly like the cargo area about35 cubic feet of space here behind the rear seats but just looking out wide andlow this opening is there’s not a lip here that you have to lift cargo over toget it in a very easy to just sort of chuck it in the seats fold down a lot ofmoving parts there between the seat cushions and seatbacks head restraintsbut they all work in very quick fashion here with these cargo handles cargo areahandles and that makes for a very low kind of unbroken load floor area

not a lot of things you have to kind ofmaneuver over makes it very easy to do things like throw in a bike right herewithout having to take off the wheel not exactly something you can do in alot of small suvs new four-cylinder engine and cvt automatic transmissioncombined for a fairly responsive passing power and actually very very good gasmileage for this segment ride quality something that the currentgen cr-v has always been pretty good at actually remains very sound we like thata lot so maybe three steps forward half a stepbackward for the 2015 cr-v but one of those steps forward very importantly isgas mileage so a lot of value

a lot of utility in the 2015 honda crvsomething that anyone shopping this segment is still going to want to checkout i yeah

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