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hi loves, i’m loey from loey lane here onyoutube. i think sexy is empowering. it’s powerful to feel good within yourself. i definitely think the right lingerie or the right bra can help youfeel that confidence, anything that you just feel good in can be something thatmakes you feel sexy it doesn’t really have to be for anyonebut yourself. my favorite bra for this time of year is the persia bra andthis one is so pretty i love that it does have push up but it’s very lightly lined so i don’t think that it makes anything look artificial or over thetop. i also really love the agatha because who doesn’t love like a hot pinkpush-up bra. this one is simple in its

design but it has like a really soft lace onthe cups and on top of that it’s very comfortable throughout the day which means it’s just something that you can wear on the day to day that’s really pretty. idefinitely don’t think that lingerie is just for valentine’s day and specialoccasions and it doesn’t have to be for anyone else it can just be something tomake yourself feel good and it’s something that you can know you lookreally freaking cute

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