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(intro music) hi there. i’m jason with air filters unlimited. today we’re going to take a look at the toptech oem replacement air filters. oem stands for original equipment manufacturer which means these filters are the same ones your air cleaner was originally installed

with and the ones the manufacturer intended to be used in the unit. we carry them in 4 sizes, the tt-fm-2025 which is 20x25x4, the tt-fm-2020 which is 20x20x4, the tt-fm-1625 which is 16x25x4 and the tt-fm-1620 wich is 16x20x4. these filters are all merv 11 and can capture particles that

irritat allergies, asthma and other repiratory ailments. each filter is individually sealed to prevent it from getting contaminated before you use them. they ship in a heavy-duty box to protect them from damage before they reach you and as always, they ship free at

don’t settle for a cheap aftermarket replacement, these are the real deal and designed to provide the optimal efficiency in toptech or techpure brand air cleaner. if you have a toptech air cleaner and need a replacement filter you can usually find the part number

printed right on the filter. if you have an aftermarket filters or no filters at all in the unit and want to get back to the oem replacements that are specifically designed for your air cleaner, look on the door of the unit for the model number of the air cleaner itself. it will start with tt-mac.

look in the description below for the model numbers with links to the relpacement filter for each model. thanks for watching and have a great day!

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