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forget about scorpion vs. johnny cage, andblanka vs. m. bison. forget that weak crap. you want to see a real battle between heavyweights?between gaming legends whose very names strike the fear of god in all who hear them? how about joe vs. nick?! oh, what’s that? sorry, i couldn’t make thatout through your cries of terror. well, whatever you’re trying to say, make it fast. becausehere comes warren, motherf*ckers. so this game has some of the weakest names,i’ve ever seen in a fighting game. i was expecting the boss battle to be a sew-off between billyand gertrude. but the name of the game might be even worse. this is deadly moves?or atleast, that’s what it’s called on the genesis.

on the super nintendo, it’s called power moves.and in japan? power athlete. power athlete. i can’t tell if that’s a videogame or a sports drink. now, if you weren’t around back in the early90s, you might not know this. but after the release of street fighter ii, there were suddenlya million fighting games, all trying to do pretty much the same thing. in terms of itscore mechanics, this is about as generic a street fighter clone as you’re going to find.the fighting in deadly moves is as uninspired as its name department evidently was throughoutthe entire project. but surprisingly, there is some cool stuffhere.

not the least of which david bowie, from labyrinth. so the first cool thing is that it’s kindof set up like mega man. you have to play as joe, because honestly, who else is therebut joe? but you actually get to choose your opponents, and the path you take through if one of them is giving you trouble, you can choose someone else and go back to themlater. which is actually effective because of the other interesting thing about deadlymoves. after each fight, joe automatically levelsup based on the skills of the guy he just beat. and yes, chances are it’s a guy. there’s onewoman in this game, and obviously, she’s in

no way a token female character inspired byan iconic female character from a different fighter. nope. and i’m not trying to be chun-li-er,funny. not trying to be funny here. unfortunately, that’s about where the coolstuff ends with deadly moves. in terms of how the game plays, it’s just?it’s a prettystandard fighter. i guess one thing that does set it apart from street fighter is that there’sactually some depth to the playing field. so you have multiple planes to work with.and i mean i guess that’s something. but otherwise, the game’s kind of a planecrash. in fact, i think the game’s backgrounds are indicative of the entire package. they’reusually pretty empty, pretty boring not much

seems to have gone into it. the game looksawful, sounds even worse. i guess the best thing you can say about it is that it playsokay. it’s generic, and uninspired. but functionally? yeah, it plays okay. alright, maybe calling it a plane crash isa little extreme. it’s not that bad. but it’s one of those games that’s so average and non-distinct,it’s almost worse. it’s pretty clearly a game that was rushed out to make a couple of bucksoff the street fighter craze, so no matter how well the game plays,it’s still just asoulless clone. with names like joe, and warren. and deadly moves. deadly moves. no one even dies.

thanks to our friend frank from san leandro,california, for sending it in.

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