American Giant Hoodie Review

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​today we’re here talking about the independenttrading full zip hooded sweatshirt. now this hoodie is by far one of our favorite hoodiebrands because 1, the fit. 2, the price point. in terms of pricing it’s a lot cheaper thanan american apparel or an alternative apparel, but you get the same amazing fit and fabricof those 2 brands. ​to begin, let’s look here at the side.we have this tailored side seam which, growing up we all know the hoodies we wore were bigand baggy and kind of pushed out over here. these, as you can see they fit great. thesleeves are tailored, they’re not big and baggy either. they naturally complement thesides. in terms of the pouch here, it doesn’t pooch out. nobody likes kind of that puffy,kangaroo kind of like belly area there with

the zipper when it’s in the up position. thisis a great one. the zipper’s a silver zipper and naturally has kind of the binding overit or the fabric that covers it too when it’s in the up position, so you don’t see it herebut yet i can see it there. it has this great lining here so it actually feels a littlecozy, which is amazing. the drawstrings. ​if tyler turns around quick, we’ll takea look at the back. there’s no crazy seams or anything going on here that you have toworry about with the print locations. the only thing you really have to think aboutis keeping it simple in terms of the placement, left or right chest. if we print over thezipper there’s really a chance that that logo can kind of get messy on a zipper. we recommendjust left or right chest placement to keep

it super simple, or a sleeve or back. overall,great price point on this. you’re going to save a lot of money going here instead ofthe american apparel or alternative apparel, and you’re still going to get a hoodie thatyou’re going to love. ​in terms of washing, medium or low temperature,maintain the length of this hoodie, the life of it. it’s going to be your favorite hoodiefor a very long time. tyler, you look awesome in it. thank you. on the coed monkey softscale, we rate this t-shirt a 3. thanks for watching this video. please let us know ifyou have any questions, because here at coed monkey soft matters, and so do our customers.

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