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​today i am so exited to be talking aboutone of our favorite products, the alternative apparel eco crewneck sweatshirt. first thingyou’re going to notice about this just great fit. i love first off, just this’s a little more flattering than the necks that are tight up to your neck. this has alittle more breathing room, awesome double stitching around there, the contrast whitestitching on this color. also, the attention to detail of this right here. kind of thatraglan-ish feel. on the back here you can see we also have that on both shoulders.a great area here for printing across the back, full back logo option right there.​turning around again, one of the biggest things about alternative is just the attentionto detail. like i said, these seams, but also

the fit. looking at the side seam here, wecan see that naturally this doesn’t have that baggy feel of a lot of sweatshirts. a lotof the crewnecks right now that you see on the market, because crewnecks are very popular,and more kind of like just puffy at the bottom. they kind of go out like this. the alternativeis very tailored, which makes it awesome. ​now, this is basically a tri-blend material,made of cotton, poly, and rayon. it’s going to be very soft. over the course of a lotof washes, it’s still going to maintain its softness. it’s going to have a great terms of care instructions, i just recommend anytime we’re talking about poly, cotton andrayon, just wash it on maybe a medium to low heat with the dry temperature also. that wayyou maintain just, i think the longevity of

the fabric. you don’t really need to carefor it the same as a hundred percent, but it won’t hurt.​the length of this crew neck, we’ve also kind of seen that sometimes this brand canbe a little shorter. just check the specs, and potentially err on the size of one sizebigger if you prefer your sweatshirt or outerwear a little baggier, because again this is goingto be a tailored fit. one of the things we always think about when we’re making thesevideos is we want to give you the best experience so that when you’re ordering these, investinga lot of money, and thinking about your logo on the front, that you’re getting the bestrepresentation. ​we recommend with printing a vintage inkon this. it’s a thinner coat of ink, because

this fabric is so soft, just flows with thebody. naturally just moves. vintage ink is a thinner coat of ink allowing that shirtcolor to come through. we really recommend that. a vintage white on the front would beamazing. it would almost look like the seam is here, which would play off of that well,but also like a black, navy, anything with this color. vintage ink is really amazingwith the tri-blend materials. if you want a bright white ink, you can also go standardink on that. we love this for so many reasons, and i guarantee when you check it out, you’regoing to love it too. tyler, you look amazing in it. thank you so much. ​on the coed monkey soft scale, this t-shirt is a four. thanks for watching this video.please, let us know if you have any questions

because here at coed monkey, soft mattersand so do our customers.

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