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hi, i’m tara and i’m going to walk youthrough how to share music with younity. with younity, you can access your entire musiccollection stored on your computer from your mobile devices, and you can also easily shareany of your music. you can share songs, whole albums, or evenitunes playlists! if you haven’t installed younity yet, youcan install it for free at so there’s a lot of things you can do withyounity, but in this video we’re just going to focus on how to share music. select music. and you can share playlists, songs, or albums.

i’m going to share a playlist. then tap the three dots in the top right handcorner. select. i’m going to select my indie playlist toshare. press share. and then you can find whoever you want toshare it with and send away! if the recipient has younity they can accessthe playlist immediately in the younity app. and if the recipient doesn’t have younity,they’ll just receive an email with a link to install the app so they can access themusic you’ve shared with them.

so there’s just a couple things to keepin mind. shared files are accessible for 7 days. it’s also good to know that you can removeshares before they expire. and it’s great to know that people can’tshare or download shared files that you’ve shared with them, they can only access them. as i mentioned, there’s a lot of cool thingsyou can do with younity. to learn more, visit our website,,or check out some more videos on our other features.

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