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despite its incredible commercial success, the iphone has recently received vehement criticism in general. the ipad is a product that has helped in the creation of a positive atmosphere surrounding apple. you are watching the unboxholics show and this is the ipad air 2, a tablet that even apple haters would be jealous of it. this is the gold lte 16gb ipad air 2 with 64 and 128gb versions also available in the market. compared to the retail package of the iphone 6, this is even more minimal and i like it a lot. included inside is an ac charger, a usb lightning cable and a small folder with manuals, apple stickers and the sim removal tool. in terms of design, the ipad air 2 has no apparent differences with the ipad air but it’s difficult not to be enthused about its width and weight. with a weight of 444g and a thickness of 6.1mm, apple’s new tablet is undoubtedly one of the most elegant products in its category. the ipad air 2 has a height of 240mm and a width of 169.5mm which both create a 9.7 inch display. even though i’m not a fan of gold color choices in gadgets, i have to admit that the ipad air 2 looks great in gold even though the white part on the back side of the tablet is not flattering.

i truly love the aluminum body of the ipad air 2, its diamond cut angles and the metallic nickel on the home button, which now has touch id technology. in general, the overall feeling of holding an ipad air 2 in your hands is incredible and i believe that apple does not have any competitor in this section. the button layout on the ipad air 2 remains the same as previous generation ipads with the exception that the mute button has been removed. moreover, the stereo speakers have fewer grilles than those of the ipad air but they still deliver a loud and qualitative sound experience. i would also say that the maximum volume levels of the ipad air 2 is a little bit annoying. the ipad air 2 is powered by an apple a8x 64-bit processor which is a triple core processor clocked at 1.5ghz. on the other hand, the m8 processor is responsible for tasks such as the use of the guroscope, the accelerometer, the barometer, the gps and the compass. ram: 2gb storage: 16/64/128gb display: 1536x2048px – 9.7 inches with a ppi of 264. battery: 7340mah (it may not reach the incredible autonomy standards that apple set with the ipad 3 but it’s still great) as anyone would expect, the ipad air 2 supports all 3g and 4g networks.

the new isight camera of the ipad air 2 has improved sensors with 8 megapixels for the first time and it can capture 1080p video at 30fps and 720p at 120fps. since apple i believe that the company should have included a led flash on the back. also, the ipad air 2 has a front camera of 1.6mp and it can capture 720p video up to 30fps. the highlight of the ipad air 2 is its retina display. this is an incredible and extremely capable panel with amazingly realistic colors, great black levels and rich viewing angles. the brightness and the clarity of the display impressed me even more. undoubtedly, the ipad air 2 has one of the best looking tablet displays. you already know my opinion on the ios 8 from my iphone 6 review, but i would like to point out three things in this video. it’s incredible how fast apps load and how efficient is the multitasking now thanks to the 2gb ram. last but not least, i simply can’t express to you how amazingly smooth is the experience of playing games on the ipad air 2. i believe that owners of older ipads should definitely invest in the ipad air 2 but i can’t say the same for owners of the still amazingly beautiful ipad air.

i truly appreciate the price of the ipad air 2 (€470 16gb wi-fi version) which is more realistic compared to the price of an iphone 6. without a doubt, apple still continues to offer amazing products in the tablets category of technology products. that’s all folks! join the community:

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