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hey whats going on guys, i want to welcomeyou in to this awesome video, this is actually going to cover how to write a review article,how to write a review article.. and it really important for you guys to literallyunderstand how simple it is to write a review article, and im actually going to show you,cause i actually just got done doing one.. let me navigate on this side,, and pull upmy screen, and im going to show you guys literally how to write a review article and its so easyand so cool because when you do this, you can actually get paid for it. and im going to show you literally how thathappens, and so here we go, full screen.. im going to show you guys,

i really don’t want this video, hangout togo that long, i just want to show you guys the importance of having a blogging platformwhere you can then write a review article. so as you guys see, this is my blogging platform,the video your watching right now,, is listed here… and so what i did, was i wrote up a blog post,says how to write a review article, and this is just to give people the understanding,on how to write a review article. i mean does that make sense?? writing a review article is about whateveryou want it to be about.. when you write a review, its something yourpassionate about, maybe you had an experience

at a stake house or a seafood place, or maybeyou went to the grocery store, or a book store, you watched a movie, and you wanted to writea review about it.. well when you write a review, they call thatan you see right here.. this is an article, which is also what we call information,this is information about something in paticular, about maybe that movie you watched, or thenew food you ate or maybe its a passion you have in training dogs, or maybe you know howto raise kids. whatever it is you can write a review articleand get paid for it, because what happens is, there are people all the time lookingfor information.. look, there are people looking to write areview article, and im able to provide that

information to them, see now, these individualsthat are looking to write a review article and do not have a blogging platform like thisor a website thats put together thats going to allow their content to rank on the #1 pageof google.. google .com then they really need to click on the link and get this bloggingplatform. not only is it a great blogging platform,not only is it a great way for you to rank your information that people are already lookingfor.. which is most important.. but you also getto learn how to put it all together.. thats the coolest thing that ive learned workingwith this platform.. internet lifestyle network its really coolbecause of the fact that i can write articles

on whatever it is that i want, and i can getpaid for it. and thats why i cut this hangout for you guys,is to really show you how simple it is to write a review article and get paid… i mean you simply compose your article, puta couple of images in there, and what may have you, and talk about whatever it is youwant to talk about, and then at the very end, give them a call to action.. lets say your training dogs, and you havean ebook your selling,… ok well.. after you gave them some information about theirbusiness or about training theses dogs, you can tell them,

hey you can purchase this book, that is goingto give you all the information.. and at the same time if your talking aboutraising children and you giving great key points about raising childern, and then yousay, hey heres a great book for you to buy thatsgoing to give you all the answers to all of the problems your facing right now.. buy here.. and these people will buy it.. cause theyare already looking for this information. the problem that their facing, the ones whowant to buy it, is there is nobody out there giving them the information..

so if you can my friends, write a review articleand give these people what they want, which is the information to help them solve a problem,and give them their solution where they can purchase it from you, where ever your gettingthis information from.. maybe you wrote it yourself, an ebook, ormaybe its a product at jvzoo or maybe even clickbank whatever it is guys you can sellwhatever it is you want online buy doing review articles.. i want to welcome you guys, and thank youguys for coming into my hangout where ive covered literally, how to write a review articleand make money.. so with that being said.. enjoy the rest ofthis article make sure you click the link

get the blogging platform so you to can getpaid to write a review article.

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