Assassin's Creed 3 Review

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a good assassin needs to be able to adapt andchange without making any sacrifices, expect for their victims, and that is exactly whatassassin’s creed did for its move to the psp. the game takes place right after theevents of the first assassin’s creed and you once again take control of the masterassassin altaã¯r. the remaining templars have fled the holy land and retreated to the islandof cyprus, where they think they will be safe. but they soon learn they are anything but,as altaã¯r has followed them and starts to do what he does best. the gameplay is the same assassin’s creedyou have come to know and love. you set out

in the open city and gather information, finishside-missions, and complete assassinations. like every other game in the series, the assassinationsare the highlight of the game, forcing you to think strategically as you work your waycloser to the target. you can also do all the moves which all work fairly fluidly onthe psp. you can blend in, run, climb, throw knives, everything you could want your assassinto do. it might take you the opening levels to become completely comfortable but you soonwill. the controls are very creative and work well to give the complete experience aroundthe limitations of the psp. the island of cyprus is a large open city,with plenty to do and more to see. the game gets the most out of the psp but also is heldback a little bit. while the game gives the

appearance of a large open city, you willfind that it is not. the city is broken up into smaller sections, maybe a couple of blockslarge, with loading screens in-between. some missions will cause you to have to go throughtwo or three sections to reach your objective. another limitation is the amount of peopleon screen at once. on the console, you are use to seeing packed city streets, but here,it looks like the city is going through a plague as the streets are often empty. thebiggest problem is the missions themselves. they are not varied enough and will becomevery repetitive very quickly. the game also relies heavily on the combat which is prettybare boned, and not as developed as other entries in the series.

this is a very fun game, giving the same assassin’screed experience, now on the go. the problems of repetitive missions and one dimensionalcombat do not ruin the game but simply hold the game back from being as great as it couldbe.

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