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subaru is the odd one out becausethey go their own way. all subarus have symmetrical awd and boxer engineswith horizontal cylinders instead of vertical ones. this means a lower center of gravity,which is good for the handling. this is the 4th generation legacy;a spacious, nice car. subaru introduced diesel engines in thelast model years, all boxer engines. including a 6-cylinder, which isn’t themost relevant for the netherlands, but you may want the power. only a handful of the cars has a dieselengine because of its late introduction and subaru doesn’t have a strongposition on the business market.

some cars run on lpg,but that’s only a few. enginesgasoline, diesel subaru is more popular in areas withmountains, such as austria, switzerland, and scandinavia, where there areunpaved roads and a lot of snow. awd comes into its own there. it means there aren’t a lot of these cars onautoscout; about 50 legacys of this generation. that’s not a lot, but there is some choice left. a legacy with automatic gearbox is easier.25% has one. 30% has a satnav, over 25% has leatherupholstery, heated seats are more common.

prices start at 6,000 euros. pricesminimum, average, maximum subarus are known for their durability,but there are some things to watch out for. fuel consumption is a little higherbecause of the standard awd. you get something in return (safety, towinga caravan), but it’s always there. that means more rolling resistance. maintenance can be more expensive. partsaren’t widely available in the netherlands. there aren’t a lot of dealers,so check where to find one. there are a number of weak spots in the car.

the rear wheel bearings may be noisy,and the electric window button may stick. that’s no biggie, but there’sa more essential problem. the diesel engines. subaru had a numberof issues with these ’til 2010. manufacturing faults and low toleranceat the crankshaft so it could break. that means a new engine is needed. if you want a subaru diesel, in general,pick one younger than model year 2010. this legacy is a no go, becauseit was produced ’til 2009. or get one with a new engine,installed under warranty. again, 2010 and younger becausethat’s when the issues were resolved.

we found this car at subaru aalsmeer;an automatic with awd. i think it has pretty, chic colors. this car thanks tosubaru aalsmeer subs – maru

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