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this is watch your style. my name’s eric. today i’m going to be doing a review for youguys on the rolex 116710 blnr, better known to the watch enthusiasts world as the rolexbatman. so i’ve had many requests, many email requestsand a lot of comments on the youtube videos for me to do a review on the batman. it’s taken me quite some time to do one justbecause it’s kind of hard to get a hold of one. i feel like lately, once i get one in, it’simmediately sold or there’s a deposit on one.

everyone calls the store here at crm jewelersand they want the batman. they want the batman. that there’s a waiting line for the batmanat the boutique. so it’s a watch that has a very high demand. pretty much, it’s exactly like a standardrolex gmt with the ceramic bezel. the only difference is, obviously, it hasa black and blue bezel, which is a new process that rolex developed to be able to do a ceramic…bothcolors. and it’s got the gmt hour hand in blue. those are some of the differences.

what makes it special is, the fact that it’svery hard to locate. so, for me…you know…to me it’s somethinga little bit different. it’s just that added extra touch that makesit a little more sophisticated than the standard gmt. this particular model that i have here foryou today, it’s my personal batman. i ended up finally just being able to grabone for myself and you know what? it’s a watch that i’ve actually seen myselfwearing more than usual. for the past four or fiver years, i’ve seenmyself wearing watches of a higher bracket than a stainless steel submariner and stuffof that nature, but for some reason, this

watch catches my attention. it’s just something different. i see it as a piece that’s under $10,000,but it’s something special. it just gives it that little notch of sophisticationwhere most people may not want to. it’s ok if you don’t like it, but some peoplemay just not want to spend the extra money for the black and blue bezel over the black…standardblack bezel. but one thing about it to is that you mightbe ready to pay the extra money, but you might not find one. there’s a lot of hype going on with this watchright now.

at first, i thought that it was going to diedown and i think that already enough time has passed that the market has stabilizedand, you know what? the batman is here to stay. when they introduced it in the beginning,i wasn’t 100% sold on it. but let me tell you something, it’s a watchthat looks…it just looks very nice on the wrist and it grabs your attention. it has a very strong following and like isay, i can’t seem to have…to get enough of them in the store to be able to supplythe demand. and that right there, it’s also what’s contributingto the cost of the watch.

a standard rolex gmt, the standard black one,you can expect to pay for something in the preowned condition, around $6,750, whereasthe batman, in pre-owned condition, you’re going to be spending easily $8,200 to $8,300,around there. it’s just there’s not enough of them to supplythe demand. a couple of guys tell me, �hey, well eric,i can get a brand new one at the boutique for $9,400,� but there’s always a catch. the catch is that there’s a waiting list orthey always got some type of intrigue going on, �well, i only have one here in stock,but there’s already a deposit,� so…it’s one of those watches that, i say, if you’regonna go to the boutique and you’re gonna

get financing, for example, at a major ad,for example, like mayors…this is a watch i would choose because it’s a watch that hasthe closest pre-owned price to a brand new one; in other words, it’s holding it’s valuevery strong. for me, i like it. it’s probably one of the best every-day watchesthat i’ve had in the last three years. it’s perfect. you could wear it with a suit. you could wear it with shorts. it’s good for the water.

it’s good for every day. it’s not too load. it doesn’t say too much, but it’s a very specialwatch, so, it gives you that little notch of sophistication. the black and blue over the standard black. not that there’s anything wrong with the black. i, for one, pretty much like every singlerolex model, but the black and blue is something special. and when you’re trying to find one, you’llnotice how challenging it might be to locate

now, the rolex gmt batman just like it’s brother,the standard gmt in black, are almost exactly the same, like i said earlier. they’re both stainless steel cases, 40-mmsize, ceramic bezel. one thing i want to point out, that one ofthe differences you’ll notice is that the standard black one has �gmt master ii�written on the dial in green. the batman has it written in white. just like everything else written on the dial. so there’s really no way to add a bezel orthe hands. some people have asked me that.

they’ve said, �well eric. you could pretty much just put an aftermarketbezel on it and paint the hand blue.� well, i mean, i guess, if you wanna do somethingcrazy like that. for me, i’m just not into that type of stuff,especially for this type of model. but one thing i wanna tell you is rolex planseverything in advance. and, like i’ve said, one of the changes isthat the dial doesn’t have �gmt master ii� written in green. it’s in white, so it would be pretty challengingfor someone to try to do a swap on you. it’s just very highly unlikely.

but overall, it’s the same watch. it just has that different color bezel andit’s kind of amazing how, it just adds so much more to the watch. you know, when it comes to the watch game,the batman is a watch that’s very highly respected. to me, it’s almost…and don’t quote me onthis, because i’m saying this very early…but, for me it’s almost like a watch that has almostreplaced the stigma and the status of the steel daytona. i feel like many of my friends and clientsthat are heavy collectors that have pretty much any watch that we can imaging, i’m seeingthem wearing the batman daily lately.

it almost has become the go-to, daily watchfor a watch collector. if you liked this video, don’t forget to likeand share. also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. my name is eric. watch your style!

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