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hello everyone, pheelyks here, and let’stalk about the four battleborn factions. we start off with the chroniclers of the universe,the eldrid. the oldest of the factions, they are chroniclersthat are compelled to understand, catalogue and protect the natural order through handsoff, observation-based research. while the eldrid are comprised of differentraces that slowly came together across hundreds of thousands of years, scholars agree thatit was the ancient aztanti that laid the foundation of what would become the eldrid.the races that make up the eldrid, the aeldrin, ekkuni dwarves, among others, all have connectionswith nature. among these, the ekkuni dwarves, ekkunar natives, are held in high regard amongthe eldrid for their innate understanding

of geology and botany.the most recent race to settle on ekkunar are the tall and agile aelfrin. who were forcedto move en-masse to the eldrid planet after their homeworld eshteni was darkened by thevarelsi. with a millennial long lifespan the aelfrinare passionate protectors of the natural order of the universe and are the core race of theeldrid. eldrid value the natural universe above allelse. they spend a lot of time and resources, observing, cataloguing and preserving anything,and everything, they can get their hands on. all of this knowledge was kept in the planetcodex, home to massive data troves encoded into the dna structure of the planet’s massiveeliim trees.

however, codex was veiled by the varelsi,but no need to worry about the biggest library in the universe getting destroyed, book lovers.the eldrid implemented a process called the seeding protocol with which they backed upall of the data on codex and transferred it to ekkunar. meaning that all of the data ofwhat the universe once was will still be available to all as long as long as the battleborn cansend the varelsi packing. and good thing too. in order to attain allof this knowledge, the eldrid sent out numerous research teams to planets and civilizationsall around the universe to help out and catalogue it all.when some civilization didn’t comply to eldrid demands though, they were not aboveenlisting some military might to make their

compliance compulsory.according to eldrid ideology, every star and planet, living being, atom and even the beamsof light are expressions of the grand cosmic engine; the purpose of life is to understandand maintain that engine. the point of this is that the eldrid reverenature, not life itself. they refer to the natural order of the physical universe.with this in mind don’t think that all this research and nature loving means they’reabove from getting their hands dirty. the eldrid will fiercely oppose anyone and anythingthat tries to disrupt the natural order. this faction absolutely despises any beingthat attempts to corrupt or distort the core rules and laws of the universe.and the varelsi represent everything that

the eldrid hate. their war with the varelsiisn’t only one of survival, for them, this is, for the pragmatic perfectionists, the jennerit imperiumthe jennerit strive for perfection, and they are not going to let something as silly asmortality stand in their way. to this end, they harness the dark energiesof the universe to twist the natural order to their liking.with their knowledge and experience with dark energies, they must choose what they willdo in the coming war. will they side with rendain, or will theyfight against him? before the varelsi came to wreck everythingthe jennerit had the farthest reach out of

all the civilizations in the known universe.they are scientists, efficient at survival and have a strong appreciation for warfareand martial combat. although the empire itself is composed ofvarious races, only the core members are actually called “jennerit”.the actual jennerit have angular facial features and four-fingered hands.the jennerit hate flaws and inefficiencies. because of this their society is divided intothree layers, with the genetically-altered sustained at the top, the non-sustained jenneritjust bellow them and then everyone else bellow the lowest tier of their society are the thralls, altered beats with slight intelligencethat are used for slave labor and as grunt

warriors.the official motto of the jennerit is “any deed. any price.”this comes from the fact that the jennerit are pragmatic and perfectionists.anything that’s not perfect must either be fixed or destroyed, and if they must bendthe laws of the universe to achieve this, then the laws of the universe must be bent.tens of thousands of years ago empress leonore discovered “sustainment”.through expending huge amounts of energy they can make a being that does not age or becomeill. effectively becoming nearly immortal. because sustainment consumes energy on a planetaryscale it is rarely done and must be approved by the empress herself.lothar rendain was the right hand of empress

leonore, led the jennerit military and servedas the central commander for the multifaction alliances that fought against the more star systems became consumed rendain saw the end as inevitable and came to theconclusion that he had to do something to survive.and so he betrayed his empress and started aiding the varelsi in the destruction of theremainder of the universe. survival comes first to rendain and as thejennerit creed goes, “any deed. any price.” seeing his alliance with the varelsi as themost pragmatic option, rendain led a coup on the throneworld of jennar which lead tothe darkening of the planet and everyone on it, including empress leonore.with the empress overthrown, rendain established

his new order, named the jennerit imperium,and dealt with any still loyal to the old, rendain fights a war of two fronts. on one side, he fights the battleborn to darkenthe remainder of the universe. on the other, he fights the resistance that’s rising upfrom the imperium itself. they live in abandoned ships among the asteroidsof the detritus ring, it’s time for the rogues.the rogues are made up of vagabonds, pirates, raiders, mercenaries, hermits, people whovalue freedom over everything else. they are “people without affiliations”.for some rogues, freedom means freeing others of their most prized possessions. for others,it means living isolated, away from of the

rules, restrictions and conflicts that plaguethe rest of the universe. even though they unanimously despise organizationsand governance, there is one person that they’ll rally behind and allow to lead, reyna “thevalkyrie” valeria. she’s become the de-facto leader of therogues, being the one that can command respect from almost all of them, mostly because theyowe her favors. she earned the nickname “the valkyrie”for going out of her way to save, protect and recruit any discarded or disgruntled warriorsfrom the other factions. now, not all rogues are criminals, some justwant to be left alone, but they all value freedom and pleasure over everything else.the ambitious members of the faction delve

into at least one of three forms of piracy:raids, relics and shardjumping. raids are bandit attacks on unprotected settlementsor ships. the rogues that fancy themselves skilled huntdown azanti relics, powerful remnants of a long abandoned civilization. these items aresought after by high-bidders of the other factions. bringing one in guarantees you alarge sum of money, if you can get past the sentinels that guard them that is.shardjumping is a high reward form of theft. as stars are darkenned, they emit waves ofenergy that, when they pass through certain particles or atmospheres, become shards. theseshards are great sources of energy that are extremely valuable where resources are low.rogues are experts in tracking down shard

clusters, or taking them from others.on the next one, so money focused you’d think mr. krabs was running the show, thelast light consortium the last light consortium, or llc for short,are the merchants of what’s left of the universe.they’re made up of makers, bankers, entertainers, traders, sellers, inventors and war profiteers.the llc used to be part of the united peacekeeping republic, but when the second one tried tocreate a settlement, by force, in ekkunar and were driven back by the eldrid forces,the llc decided to make an opportunity out of it. they splintered off the upr with thegoal of selling war machines to the two factions. after a couple of revolutions and some peacenegotiations about two hundred years ago,

the llc accepted true artificial intelligencerobots, also known as “magnuses”, as equal members of their society.due to this, the members of the faction are split almost equally between humans, magnusesand hybrids of the two. even though the llc is composed of many guildsand corporations, the most noteworthy is minion robotics. as the number one manufacturer ofwar machines, which include minions, sentries, turrets and nodes, their products are in highdemand in a universe that’s running out of soldiers and fighters.minion robotics has been around for over 500 years, and most of that time it was led bymagnus ceo, isic. during the great severance isic left the corporation to pursue “otherinterests” and cto kleese took over for

a very brief amount of time. as in, he onlystayed on as ceo for a couple of hours before he realized that no human could effectivelyperform the complex calculations needed to keep functioning at optimal order to join the llc an established permanent link to magna carta was needed.magna carta was a trade-specialist magnus that oversaw all trade contracts and agreementsfor the faction, and administrated the positions of new members in the organization.the llc are so wealthy that they value demonstrations of said wealth in every aspect of their dailylives. this can be seen in their clothing, tool design, weaponries and their machinesof war. now, when it’s time to hold the line, youcan count on the united peacekeeping republic,

or peacekeepers, for short.the peackeepers are a coalition of democratic societies that came together for the purposeof fighting the varelsi and protecting all of those unable to protect themselves.with so many planets being darkened by the varelsi, the peacekeepers adopted a nomadiclifestyle with an ever growing fleet of ships. since then, they’ve been growing their numberswith civilians and refugees rescued from their homeworlds before darkening.after the previously mentioned attempt to create a base on ekkunar and the split withthe llc, the peacekeepers finally settled down on bliss, the largest moon of the gasgiant nylo. no matter how diverse the peacekeepers are,and they’re pretty diverse, they are all

held together by an overwhelming sense ofhonor and a mission to answer the call of duty.peacekeeper training prepares its members for any given situation.they may have their weak points, but they are well-rounded on the is the peacekeeper belief that a combination of guts, guns and grenades will win the day.because of this they have a combination of short range fighters, minigunners and airsupport. the more diverse their armory, the better prepared they’ll be.well, that’s it for this one, everyone. if you had to, which faction would you besigning up with? as always, my name is pheelyks, and i’llsee ya’ll next time.

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