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the 2d side scrolling platform genre continuesto live on in 2015. there are dozens of games being released and we’re covering some ofthe most interesting ones. these 2d platformers prove there can still be challenge and complexityin side scrolling. hit the subscribe button as you are watching because we are previewingnew upcoming games all the time. might no 9mighty no 9 is the successor to the original mega man games created by keiji inafune. thisgame brings the classic style run, gun, and jump gameplay but with modern updates andwonderful graphics. in this game, you play as beck, the 9th robot who happens to be theonly one not infected by a mysterious computer virus that’s causing creatures to go crazy.this game focuses more on speed and momentum.

boosting and chaining combos simultaneouslygives you points towards a mighty combo. the combat will prove to be fluid and very challenging. ori and the blind forestori and the blind forest will fulfill your satisfaction for a new ‘metroidvania’game. you play as ori, a white guardian spirit, who fell into the forest and is forced toexplore the area on his own. you start off with only the ability to jump, but ori learnsnew abilities as he gains experience. an interesting mechanic in the game is that checkpoints,known as soul links, are created from limited resources. this means that exploration willbe both challenging and rewarding. axiom vergeaxiom verge is a side scrolling adventure

game that bares an uncanny resemblance tothe original metroid. you play as a failed scientist who dies in accident, but mysteriouslyawakens in an alien world. the game is huge, there’s over 700 rooms to explore using40 weapons, over 60 upgrades, and you’ll be facing about 70 creatures. this game issolely developed all by one person. tom happ has served as the sole developer, artist,and musician of the game which he started back in 2010 as a side project. if you area metroid fan, you’ll want to look into this indie game. chasmchasm is a deep rpg platformer that combines both roguelike elements and metroidvania.the retro art style gives it an interesting

appeal. there are six huge procedurally generatedareas each with dungeons to explore and huge bosses to fight. with normal, arena, timetrial, and hardcore modes, this game will have high replay value. 20xx20xx is a roguelike game meaning that the levels are procedurally generated and youwill find new weapons and abilities every time you play. the developer describes thegameplay as feeling similar to mega man x, but with permanent death. it even supports2 player co-op.

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