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i’ve said this a few times already, buti feel like saying it again: splinter cell is one of the best franchises of all time,without a single bad game in its library. now, through the first three games, ubisoftstuck to a pretty similar formula; sneaking around, tri-lens goggles, hiding bodies, was a formula that worked incredibly well, but even the most perfectly executed gamescan grow stale if they’re done too many times, so after a much darker tone and lighterenvironments were introduced in double agent, the gameplay was completely revamped for thelatest release in the series. this is splinter cell: conviction for the xbox 360.splinter cell: conviction takes place a few years after the events of double agent. samis living a relatively peaceful life after

dealing with the jba, and he believes thathis worries might finally be behind him. unfortunately, this isn’t really the case, and his oldfriend grim pulls him back into the action with information about corruption in his oldagency, third echelon, along with information about a certain loved one. i will warn you,though: play double agent before you play this. not only will you be a lot less confused,but names and events will be much more significant to you. splinter cell isn’t a series thattends to recap a bunch of old information. gameplay in conviction has been changed quitea bit from previous splinter cells. it’s still a stealth game, but much more emphasishas been put on taking out enemies as opposed to simply avoiding them. really, it’s upto you, and the game just gives the option

for the more trigger happy player. now, thisdoes not mean that you can go into a room and start shooting the place up; it just meansthat a few stray enemies can be taken out with a pistol without having to worry. itfeels like the most naturally controlling game in the splinter cell library. in addition,the game allows much more customization than before, with various sights and upgrades availablefor each gun, with the points required to purchase these items being acquired by reachingvarious benchmarks. the one big new feature that was introducedin conviction is “mark and execute”. here’s how it works; kill an enemy in hand to handcombat, and you get a point. you then mark targets, with the number varying dependingon what weapon you’re using, and then you

press the “execute” button. at this point,sam shoots every marked target that’s in line of sight in the forehead. this featurereally gets you to mix up your strategy, as getting a few points over the course of alevel can make big encounters a lot easier. visually, splinter cell: conviction is easilythe best in the series. the game now uses a black and white effect to show you thatyou’re hidden, and color contrast really makes sure that you know what’s going on.mouths still look a little bit strange, but character animations are some of the mostimpressive i’ve ever seen. splinter cell: conviction may upset fans thatare afraid of any change, but every change that was made in this game is for the best.this game is easily the most enjoyable in

a series that has never had a misstep .

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