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greetings gamers,this is locklear coming at you with lock’s picks, where i review games that i think areworth talking about. all of my reviews are split into sections rating different aspectsof the game. this first review is for metal gear solid 5: the phantom the metal gear series. one of the longestrunning stories in the industry. this game series is known best for its cardboard boxes,crazy boss fights, and its quirky, crazy, and complicated story. i’ve never had touse a game wiki so many times to even start to grasp all the little woven story threadsthat appear throughout all the games. that may sound like a criticism, but i really doappreciate the depth that the series as a

whole provides. there are many charactersthat have deep histories and stay relevant throughout the whole series. and while theoverall metal gear story has a major plot and theme, each metal gear game has its ownfocus and perspective. this is why it’s important to appreciate the game as a partof the whole series. the phantom pain deviates a bit from the norm of the other games, whichisn’t always a bad thing. while the other games seem to have a primary focus on theirnarrative, the phantom pain has a stronger focus on the gameplay.let’s start with the basics. the controls are amazingly smooth, which is a massive improvementover previous metal gear titles. you can climb, sprint, walk at any speed, crouch, and crawl.transitioning between any of those movements

feels nice and natural. the gunplay feelsgreat, switching weapons and items is easy, and pulling out your weapon to aim takes lessthan a second. and since we’re mentioning equipment:there are tons of items, abilities, and equipment to research with the currency you get fromcompleting missions. you have all your different categories of guns, placed items like explosivesand decoys, thrown items like grenades, armor, and of course – boxes to hide under.stealth is the best i’ve seen in awhile. enemy’s ability to see you changes dependingon the time of day, the weather, and if you’re crawling or walking. if an enemy notices you,you get a bullet time-esque slow motion reaction that happens automatically, giving you timeto take them out before they tell their friends.

nothing beats spending the time and effortto knock out a base full of a dozen armed guards that you scouted out, dodging spotlights,mines, flashlights, turrets, and vehicles. it feels incredibly rewarding.a great thing about this game is that the ai adapts to your choices. if you’re gettinga lot of headshots, more helmets appear. if you attack at night, they’ll start bringingflashlights. if you try and take stuff, they’ll try and stop you. if you take stuff, theycan notice things that are missing and alert the rest of the base. if they see a man down,they’ll call it in. the enemies get tougher as the game continues, adding riot suits,snipers, shields, and better guns. to counter this, the game lets you send your combat forceson missions to hit the enemy supply lines.

you also have 4 buddies that you can bringwith you on the missions that each add their own unique advantages and strategies to yourmissions. more often than not though, i stuck to one or two of them because they just seemedso much more useful. ddog automatically detects enemies and objectives for you, which is oneof the most valuable functions in the game. quiet can scout bases as well, just not asthoroughly, but she can cover you with sniper fire if you make a mistake and get you gain bond by using them, you can unlock hidden costumes or abilities – such as quietshooting a grenade you’ve thrown midair, or ddog being able to stun.upgrading your base feels more addicting than a facebook game. you can build up differentparts of your base using the resources you

capture. you use the soldiers you’ve convertedto staff your different base platforms, and increase their level depending on your soldiers’abilities and how many you have. every soldier has different stats and abilities that mightmake them better to work in different areas, or even to help you research a specific can even send your soldiers on missions to gain extra rewards. capturing guards withdifferent stats that can help your base in different ways is heavily rewarding and feelslike a glue that holds the metagame together with the gameplay.there is an interesting problem that comes with needing soldiers for your base – youhave to knock them out or incapacitate them in order to bring them back; you can’t killthem. that means that for most of the game

it’s better to use non-lethal guns and equipment.your silenced sleep-inducing pistol will probably be your primary gun for the entire game, whichcan cause you to force a lack of gameplay variety on yourself.overall though, the gameplay systems are phenomenal. there are systems within systems working togetherto create a harmony of challenges and rewards coming at you constantly. you go on missionsto complete objectives which earns you cash. that in itself is fun because of the smoothcontrols and the reactive ai. the metagame base building and research aspects reallybring it all together and give the whole thing a sense of purpose. you receive anything you’vefound or fultoned to grow your base. you grow your base to unlock better equipment, receivebetter intel, and everything else that helps

you do missions. it feel like you’re actuallyaccomplishing something because you can literally see it with your own eyes. you do all of thisnot only for the story, but to create more opportunities for unique gameplay experienceswith harder enemies, new equipment, and eventually online play.the graphical fidelity of this game is wonderful. facial expressions are relied upon duringcutscenes, and they actually did very well with it compared to many other games. theguns don’t look bad and clothes are detailed enough. nothing really jumps out to me asbad really. the smooth, crisp visuals make for a great action game. the one thing itcould use would be more variety. there are only 3 environments if you include motherbase, and they include similar color palettes.

so while it could use a little spice, thevisual quality of this game is definitely above average and compliments the game asa whole. now let’s talk story. typically we see metalgear solid games as being linear story-driven experiences with crazy boss fights and lengthycutscenes. the phantom pain has taken this and spun it around. while there are stilla few long cutscenes, none of them compare to the other games. the boss fights are fewand far between. the focus here is on the open world gameplay, which actually makescomplete sense for the purposes of the story. it’s a story of big boss restoring his formerglory, figuring out his past and setting his future plans in motion. so this game is setup to be the connecting piece between the

other games in the series. knowing that, ithad a lot to live up to – but it’s almost impossible for it to do so. the ultimate fateof everyone in the metal gear series is already known, so the only way to get creative isto fill in some blanks in interesting ways – such as the big twist at the final storymission. unfortunately, that’s all they can do – fill in blanks. with all this inmind, the focus on gameplay is actually a smart idea when they can’t lean on the storyas heavily by default. the quality of story sprinkled throughoutthe phantom pain is variable. for 80% of the missions, it’s “rescue this guy who canhelp” or “take out this guy who is bad.” only a few of the missions in the game areactually meaningful or impactful. that’s

really disappointing because the quality youcan see in the story driven missions leaves you wanting more that you’ll never get,a phantom pain. in fact, much of the in-depth story details appear from audio tapes thatyou receive over the course of the game instead of cutscenes. while i believe this is intendedto replace the classic “sit and talk over comms for 15min to explain something” scenesmetal gear is known for, i still ended up sitting around listening to them anyway becauseif i would listen to them during a mission, i would get too distracted to really absorbthe information. that being said, the story that does presentitself is enjoyable. the sniper quiet is controversially almost naked and ridiculously oversexualized,but her character arc is the most interesting

one in the game. the skull face plot is aclassic metal gear ridiculous grand scheme. the twist at the end is surprising and leftme with mixed feelings, but also finishes the game’s connection with the rest of themetal gear series. the overarching connections to other metal gear titles are neat and variouskey characters make for interesting cameos.and though the ending is not particularly satisfying,it’s arguable that it fits with the themes of the game.i enjoyed the story when it was given the light of day, but after what felt like anappetizer and half a main course, i was looking for the meat and dessert. it felt just left me wanting more. but honestly, knowing kojima, that might have been the wholepoint of the story. a meta-narrative commenting

on the game itself.the audio in metal gear solid 5 is fantastic. the music is subtle most of the time, butit is great. it reacts when enemies are nearby and as the action increases. it’s full ofelectronic instruments and orchestras, deep impactful basses and arpeggiations. a smalldriving fanfare plays every time you start and complete missions. there are a few pointsin the narrative where the music is prominent and it strives to either serve a thematicpurpose (“the man who sold the world”), supplement an action scene, or to accent aquiet one. the sound effects are all good quality. gunssound great, the helicopter sounds real, your dog is a dog. you can hear footsteps alongwith the ruffling of all the gear you have

on. during audio tapes, you can tell whatpeople are doing at a few points by listening for sound effects.the voice acting is great quality thanks to a cast of a-list voice actors. the deliveryis believable, which is good because unfortunately most of the dialogue happens through audiotapes. i think the audio is a great supplement to an already great game. no problems here.let’s talk about the fox engine. konami had a brand new game engine built for thephantom pain – and it’s awesome. everything runs smoothly and i don’t recall any gamebreaking bugs i ran into, let alone small ones. i don’t have a top of the line computer,but because this was optimized so well, i didn’t feel like i needed one. this is actuallyone of the best-built aaa games i’ve experienced

in a problem i did have was what i assumed were loading times hidden by the same introevery time you start a mission. before every mission, there is a long sequence of a camerapan around snake’s face in the helicopter, with that driving musical melody i talkedabout earlier, followed by snake opening the helicopter door to prepare for his drop offwith whatever partner you’ve chosen for the mission. you have to watch it every timeyou land anywhere, you can’t skip it, and while it didn’t frustrate me to the pointof rage, it does take up quite a bit of game time.the idroid ui is cluttered with submenus because of all the functions and features it has tofulfill. and while it was obviously made with

a controller in mind, i played with a mouseand keyboard. even so, it controls well once you get used to it.overall, this is probably not the sequel metal gear fans were expecting, but we all knowkojima likes to play with expectations. it hits so many good points that the flaws seeminsignificant in comparison. the phantom pain is absolutely one of my favorite games of2015. the gameplay is so well designed that it keeps you playing after you beat it, wantingmore. the crazy story it presents will keep you thinking about it long after you’s a departure in style from the other metal gear titles, and feels like a breathof fresh air in a world filled with ubisoft sequels. i would recommend it to anyone whoeven slightly enjoys the stealth or shooter

genres, and even if you don’t – this gamemight change your mind. hey guys, thanks for watching my first video!please like it and subscribe. my channel is just getting started and i hope you’ll joinme next time for more of lock’s picks.

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