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this video contains some light spoilers forthe novel bloodline. during the destruction of the hosnian systemby starkiller base in the force awakens, we get a closeup of this woman, who definitelyseems to be the focus of the scene. so who is she? her name is kor sella, and her role in thestory is expanded upon in the force awakens novelization as well as bloodline. she wasborn to new republic politicians, and at the age of sixteen she served leia organa whenshe was still a senator. when leia was revealed as the daughter of darth vader, korr abandonedher leader in shock, but returned when she realized the folly of her ways, and pledgedto help her in any way that she could.

when her mentor left the senate to form theresistance, sella followed. she was often sent to represent the resistancein the senate in leia’s place. many of the senators regarded leia as a warmonger, andher link to darth vader made her hated among the galaxy. she was certain any public appearancewould end in her assassination. with evidence of the first order’s imminent attack, kortraveled to hosnian prime hoping to secure military assistance from the new republic.but they were too late, and the system was destroyed during her visit.

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