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hi, guys today, we’re going to dine in an american fastfood restaurant chick fila i’m sure china doesn’t have chick fila it’s a family company relatively small chain restaurant even in the us, we don’t have a lot of franchis but their business is really good! you can see the car line

were reaching the road they even have two employees were taking orders in the car line using a tablet i only see this in chick fila didn’t see this in the other restaurants let’s see what we have a chicken sandwich a piece of fried chicken and two slices of pickles

their frie are like this they call it waffle fry because it looks like waffles american cut the potatoes into different shapes therefore they think they are having different vegetables i also ordered chicken strips in english, it has another name: chicken fingers it is chicken; it’s fried, american loves it!

another thing worth highlighting is the lemonade according to their marketing their lemonade are made from real lemon juice, sugar and water the lemonade from the other fast food restaurant are mixed from artificial flavors these foods, and another drink i didn’t shot costs me $13.2 the price here is slightly higher than the other fast food restaurant their headquarter is in atalanta, ga

they claims that they invented the chicken sandsich i didn’t check if this statement is true during winter they also have seasonal menu this is chicken noodle soup we had in another day it is made of chicken and noodle etc they have another soup: chicken tortilla soup i think it’s good,too the food here tastes good

but they don’t open on sunday, which is a little inconvenience to me i like this place over all besides the food, chick fila has a nother fun thing their advertisment! the name of the restaurant: chick, means baby chicken they only sell chicken but their advertisements are presented by cows american used to eat a lot of beef which caused quite serious cardioadic problems

then the health care system suggested people eat more chicken instead of beef so the cows here are asking people to "eat mor chikins" "stop eatin beef" meanwhile, the cows are illiterate they can’t spell i think these mis-spellings are fun they also have a playground which has slides etc summing up

chick fila serves good food among fast food restaurant and good atmosphere if you like my video give me a thumb up and subscribe! see you next time

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