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john bolton, former us ambassador to the un,finally got it right. the un arms trade treaty, bolton says–likely to be signed by obamaand hillary this week–will see our second amendment, the right to bear arms, shot fullof holes. bolton argues that although the treaty’s ostensible intent is to ‘curb globalarms sales’ it will most certainly lead to mandatory registrations of our guns, pistols,rifles, right here in america, which means nothing less than confiscation. and becausehillary and obama will be signing a "treaty," it will have the same legal force as congressionallegislations, more so, it will override the second amendment. and no senate ratificationwill be needed. well, the stage has been set–it’s almost surreal–for with the ‘batman’ killingsthis past weekend…"white man goes on a shooting

spree"…(there’s more to this than meetsthe eye) obama and hillary and the us military have perfect justification to take away ourguns. now, who will be the enforcers of this draconian treaty? the jewish-ruled us statedepartment where hillary clinton is nothing more than a zionist shill. lots of jewishmasters here–who apparently, given jewry’s decades of gun control advocacy–would likenothing more than seeing the goyim disarmed. first there’s hillary’s press secretary, victorianuland. no, she’s not some blue-blooded gentile like her name suggests. she was born victorianudelman, daughter of wealthy jews from the bronx. nudelman just happens to be marriedto neocon jew, robert kagan, an official adviser at the state department, who with his jewishpeers brought us the big lie of saddam’s "weapons

of mass destruction." and the most likelycandidate to spearhead the state department’s complicity with the un to seize our guns isdaniel benjamin, head of the state department’s counter-terrorism– yes, he’s jewish–who’sout to get all of us "home grown terrorists." and their key enabler on capitol hill willapparently be jewish senator dianne feinstein, head of the senate intelligence committee,a fierce backer of the un treaty. feinstein sees the national rifle association as a "daunting"opponent to her gun control agenda, and replacing the jewish lobby as having the real "stranglehold"on congress. yeah, sure, feinstein, tell us another one: [clip: "senator feinstein wantsto reinstate the assault weapons ban. she admits she’s facing daunting opposition.""the national rifle association essentially

has a stranglehold on the congress." "hasanybody, the democratic leadership in the senate, or anybody from the administrationlooked at you and said ‘back off’?" "no."] yes, that’s right. feinstein has not beentold by obama to "back off" simply because his record proves that he despises the secondamendment just as much, if not more, than feinstein. and neither will the us state department’senabled un troops "back off"–when they come banging at your door to "register," i mean,their coming to take away your guns.

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