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welcome back you to make your favoritemess subscription guide and this right here it’s kind of a subscription what ihave right here man pray you if you guys go on my youth mypage i was on a commercial prism that was on new somewhere in like texas ibelieve i mean pretty cool for me but the actual product when i did review ionly got a chance to really use it one time it’s been about i don’t know i’msay about a year and anybody who has come over my house and watch theirclothes with the fray detergent that’s all they talk about that’s all they wantthey love my wife who is in love with this detergent and it’s a men’s smellingcologne inspire detergent and she loves

to use it for her clothes i get a littlebit mad because it’s for me this is my detergent you go back to your flowersand you cotton and you’re you know spring fresh scent i want my men youknow my men cologne inspires them so that’s freethis right here is called the free clothing care kit you got a bunch ofdifferent items in here before when they when i when i first you know did a videoabout free they were only doing detergent okay now they have expandedand added other items and the main reason i wanted to get this this carekit is because they have added something else which i haven’t used yet but man inmy exciter we got some fray 40 sheets of

dryers you know premium dry she’scologne inspired scent i am very close to use this because your clothes comeout smelling great i mean it’s to the point where i have a cat he peed on ablanket i sprayed it down and then i used to fray because fray really maskedit well actually it was removed by the you know the odor remover but frayreally just had that bad blinky smelling fresh so god pray i don’t know ifthere’s any other product i’ve done a review on that i love more than thisright here i pretty much went and got me the care kit because i wanted to try alltheir products they have none because they’ve expandedso we have 24 loads worth of freight you

know it’s called the oaken musk by frayand this is the actual laundry detergent it’s a premium concentrate larger turnit so this right here is a small kind of small bottle is 24 loads and we have ihave the simplest tape i am always satisfied so you got somecool messages on the back if it’s say inspired by world renowned phrases itsmells great i mean i wish my clothes smell like the scent is great i wish ihave somebody with me to do this video so they could you know be the witness ofhow you know how good it is like i said my wife is always trying to steal mydetergent that i have to hide i’m at the point where i have to hide this from herand then we have the dryer sheets i’m

very excited to use these dryer sheetsi’ll open it up come and use some soon all right i saw man whoo disco have myclothes smelling great you know somebody smells your armpits pie custom upgradebecause this stuff right here really really works and then they have someother cool stuff we got does the okay musk this is the freshener so this isprobably some cologne i’m just kidding this is probably just for as you knowspraying a couple sprays for your room your bath the office it’s like an airfreshener so that’s pretty yes so i do have a big bottle of this smells great isprayed them every one time it smells great so this is just a little a littlelittle size one that comes in this care

kit alright so then you also have thepremium wrinkle release so that’s cool that works well because you know wrinklerelease travel-size take this which you you know make you sure to look nice it idon’t it is unscented so this is have no said this is just a ripple release andthen over here we have a premium stain remover unscented as well but all theseitems work well together it’s like a little laundry care system like likethey say in the the kids cost quite a care kit for a reason to take care ofyour clothes this right here this right here is like it’s amazing it really isamazing i’m not hyping it up i’ve used it for ayear now and when i ran out

i couldn’t i couldn’t take it anymore ijust could not take regular once the only problem with this is once you tryfrey you’re not going to go back to any other detergent so that is a good thingthough so that’s frey guys their website iscalled frey for men calm and they also have different plans so we’re like isaid it was kind of a subscription where you can get the care kit you can get twobottles of fred you can get the one bottle of the detergent and also a packof dryer sheets and you can choose if you want it monthly bimonthly you justdepends on all of your clothes it asks you a couple different questions andthen it gives you a recommended plan and

you can go with that and just get itautomatically shipped to you whenever you need it or you can just go and buyit regularly i mean with the plans you do save some money10% 35% for up to 45 percent if you’re getting you know more of a quantity butthat’s free for men really really love these products men looking forward towatching what i have on right now so the next time i put on smelling clean readyto go so thank you guys for checking this video out got a lot more stuffcoming guys take it easy subscribe surfing’s is too smallmight as we feel afraid mother died and


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