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hey guys! nathan wonder here – i’ve got my cardigan on and my tea is hot, so you know what that means… it’s time for a three minute book reviews! so in today’s episode we’re going to be talking about productivity and business international bestseller by brian tracy eat that frog! spoiler alert – it’s a good one. and the subtitle is a little bit of a mouthful:

21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. now, that’s a subtitle that speaks to me and i’m sure it speaks to a lot of you out there. like i said, though, it’s a little bit of a mouthful and my one criticism of the book is that those 21 things are a little bit overwhelming. it’s a great way to organize the book, and it’s a great

way to get people to to grab it off the shelves and buy it, but i found that most of what i got out of the book was actually just the overall concept that’s given away in the title itself. so, what is the big idea in eat that frog!? well, the story goes something like this: ff you had to eat a frog at some point during the day, the best piece of advice

is to eat that frog first thing in the morning. why? because then you’re going to get it out of the way. ff you put it off and put it off and put it off then all you’re going to be doing is dreading the fact that you have to eat that frog later on in the day – it’s going to loom over you and everything that you do. so in business or in productivity, if you

have one big, ugly, smelly, slimy thing to do, make sure you knock that thing out first – don’t procrastinate – don’t put it off until the end of the day because it’s going to affect everything that you do. not only that, but if you take care of it in the very beginning, then the rest of your day is going to seem easy compared to that. so if you have one just

awful customer that you have to get back to because there was a customer service issue somewhere along the line, get to it now – don’t put it off until later because it’s only going to get worse. so what’s the verdict? buy it – and buy it now. why? because this book is going to change your business. it introduces some really incredible vocabulary that’s

going to help you communicate with the rest of your team about how they should be running their day. it talks about things like the 80/20 rule, about abcde task management, now i’m not going to get into exactly what those things are right now because i only have three minutes, but this book is absolutely worth your time. and it’s not a huge commitment – it’s only

120 pages and that’s counting the index. so i say go ahead and buy it now: eat that frog and go and buy eat that frog! today. hey thanks again for joining me for 3-minute book reviews! i’m nathan wonder and i can’t wait to see you again next time! oh! that’s hot!

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