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now before i tell the story let meexplain arm because it’s hard to explain i try ipeople making these are not picking winners and losers armor people are all these people arenot furloughed these people are furloughed so let me explain just some governmentbear got basic government budgeting so each individual agency and sometimes digital department is responsible for their own budget sothat a veteran affairs

is fun for their body just isn’t thedot’s their budget and depending upon how the budget is run and managed their able to do more they were able todo more roller things are more manageable things in others sup theresir agencies but the department educationfor example which the furloughed a certain numberpeople kept people all a number people awful not now onfurlough right whole departments because they havepreserved their cash reserves the veteran affairs department where mycousin works they were open until

thursday because they had reserves to manage allstaff for a couple of days they remained open all other agencies don’t have thoseluxuries are those resources so this goes into play with this story which stocks but it’s true at exactly 10:43 the government approvedthe purchase of a forty seven thousand dollar mechanical bull for the utahnational guard at the same time seven hundred thousandveterans administration boys being furloughed thanks the governmentshutdown

regard to question mechanical bull whichyou need to be lowered durable and low maintenance and the needfor recruitment purposes arm you know a you got approved now i’m not think itshould have got approved because it’s really i don’t think it should have because ithink people back to work in this that the third but like i said there’s a reason behindand the reason has everything to do with the fact of how the budgeting is done

and how the money is allocated intowhere what what bonds where the money is sort of restrictedrestricted funny for this that definitely has a longer dateline andthat’s the same reason why the affordable care act and the peoplethat are working on that are still at work enough furloughedwhereas in the people that are working on you know the national parks arefurloughed make sense our time so i don’t agree they shouldabought it for them doubt on the credibility

i were in the government the i wouldprobably not approved it but i get way well

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