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fawziah: i’m from new jersey; however my officeis located in new york city, so i commute into the city. i’m very deeply interestedin international relations and human rights, particularly the access to the right to education.i work for an education-based non-profit. we just launched here in new york city thisyear and i’m the only employee here. i couldn’t be included on the company health insuranceplan because they’re based in california. i was without insurance coverage for fourmonths. i found out about the health insurance marketplace. i selected a gold plan. aftermy stipend from my company i’m out of pocket 63 dollars. that feels great! i deserve benefitslike everyone else. marketplace just really solved a problem that my company couldn’tsolve. so since my plan started in january

2014, i’ve been to the doctor four times;they’ve all been preventative. i was just really grateful to have it and to do all mycheckups. there’s not a lot of time left, so people should really take advantage andgo on today and really just sign up for it.

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