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hi folks it’s mike with http://www.getmytips.comwith a tip for you on how to buy a used car. specifically i want to share with you my carbuying experience from carmax now the video that you see here is from thecarmax in dublin ohio i purchased a used truck from the carmax incolumbus ohio but it doesn’t make any difference where youpurchase a used vehicle from anywhere in the country the way that they operate is exactlythe same at all locations by the way when i purchased my truck carmaxhad no idea that i was going to make a video i began my search at and i searchedfor a low mileage pick up truck under $20,000 as luck would have it i found the pick uptruck i was looking for in columbus so i contacted

the store and spoke to a salesman this is the actual pick up truck that i purchasednow in the side yard of my home the website said that the pick up truck was$18,599 with about 34,000 miles on it and guess what, that’s exactly what it was andthat’s exactly what the sticker said. no surprises no problems no complications now even though i thought that the price carmaxwas asking for the truck was fair, i figured if i was a cash buyer that they might negotiate. so i made an offer of $17,000 for the truck i was quickly informed by the salesman thatcarmax does not negotiate price on vehicles.

that the price on the website and the pricethat you see on the sticker on the vehicle is the price you pay three things that made me decide to purchasemy truck from carmax. that is number one they have a five day returnpolicy with no questions asked. if you have the vehicle for five days up tofive days you can return it and get your money back the second thing is that they certified thatthere is no frame damage third thing that i like was the fact thatthey certified that the vehicle had never been in a flood.

as you can see from the contract on the screenwith some redacted information, i purchased the truck from carmax, and i couldn’t be moresatisfied. there was never any high-pressure to makethe purchase. and specifically there was never any high pressure to purchase an extendedwarranty. one was offered but i never felt pressuredto buy it. my advice if you are looking for a good usedvehicle, go to carmax

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