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you’re a lot about recalls wonder am iat risk will tell you why you need to pay attention now and why you’ll need tokeep paying attention to keep you and your family safe automakers issue safety recalls whensomething in a car goes wrong it could be a minor issue like a label with wronginformation on it or a major issue like a faulty airbag inflator your car’srecalled you should get a brightly colored notice in the mail don’t throw it away it isn’t junk mailopen it up and read the instructions carefully your best bet

call your local dealer and get therecall repair work done in most cases it should be free sometimes though a fix has yet to bedetermined or the recall parts are still on order in those cases your notice maytell you what you can do to mitigate the risk until your car is repaired followthose directions and if you don’t feel like you really want to drive your carfor safety sake until the actual repairs made see your dealer about getting aloaner car several lawmakers are issuing letters in cars affected by the takataairbag inflator recalls two more tips first make sure your car is registeredat your current home address and second

get in the habit of going online towebsites like cars com and entering your vehicle’s year make and model to see ifthere are any recalls on it also go to the government’s recall search databaseand enter your specific cars vehicle identification number at least a coupletimes a year to see if your particular car has any unfixed recalls if it doesgo to your dealer and get them repaired right away ok

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