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the history of the chili pepper for 5,500 years the mighty chili pepper was exclusively consumed in south and central america. that all changed in 1492, when i christopher columbus and crew became the first non south americans to sample the mighty chili pepper! then in 1493the ever eager doctor diego ãlvarez chanca took the humble chili pepper back tospain

arriving the spanish instantly comparedthe heat and the taste of this new item to that of the expensive black an white peppercorns from now on it would be known as the chili pepper. the spanish andportuguese then introduced the new chili pepper toafrica and asia as they explored the globe. within fifty years of the doc bringing the peppers to europe in 1493

the mighty pepper had spreadacross the entire known world. today chilies apart of many cultures and many fantastic dishes in fact 1 in 4 humans eat chiles every day!

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