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[phone voice] your call is important to us.please hold, we will be with you shortly. i’m calling about my mobile phone. it’s infor repair. no, i can’t call back, i’m on a payphone. yes. the name’s wright. no, wright. with a w. yes right. no. your records are wrong. my phone isn’tfixed, you repaired it once, then it stopped again, right? you fixed it, then it had it for months, right?

then, i only had it back for a few weeks thenit went wrong again, right? yes. then after another four weeks in forrepairs, i no sooner got it back and the screen went all wrong, right? and now you’ve gotit back for repairs. no. i won’t pay you extra for a new model.what do you mean it’s out of warranty?! that’s not right! i’ve barely had it in myhand. you’ve sold me a phone that doesn’t work! i know my rights, and this is wrong! [voice over] stand up for your warranty, replace, or refund. go to choice. who do you know that was wronged? pass onthe rights message.

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