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hi, my name is glen and i’m going to showyou what using a chromebook is like. when you first use a chromebook, you signin with your google account and just start using the web. all your bookmarks, extensions,apps and other settings you use in chrome are already there for you. if you don’twant to log in, or you just want to let someone quickly use the machine, then you can useguest mode, too. chromebooks make it super easy to get on theinternet. you can connect through wifi, or you can connect from anywhere with 3g, justlike a phone. some chromebooks have 3g built-in and come with one hundred megabytes a monthof free data from verizon in the us, with equally awesome plans from our carrier partnersin europe.

using a chromebook is just like using chromeon your other computers. you can browse the web, play videos and games, use apps and chatwith your friends. here you can see how chat works – small windows sit on top of yourtabs, so you can talk to people at the same time you do other things. sometimes you need to work with files, andchromebooks support usb storage. if you want to watch a video file you already have, youcan just plug in a usb key and start watching. similarly, if you have a camera loaded withphotos, you can just plug in your memory card and easily share and upload them. just like chrome, your chromebook comes withthe chrome web store. this helps you find

awesome apps and games, word processors, spreadsheet,and music apps. when you install these apps, they appear right on your new tab page. because these apps and other settings arestored online, once they’re installed you can access them from any other chromebook,or even chrome on your desktop. this means that even if you lose your device, you canjust sign in on a new one and carry on where you left off. thanks for watching, and enjoy your chromebook.

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