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welcome to reviewspk! my name is ameer and today we have brought for you, our google chromecast review it is probably obvious from the title, that google chromecast turns your non-smart tv into a smart tv. but what does ‘smart tv’ even mean? a ‘smart’ tv is a tv that can connect to the internet, can run many different apps, can download video and audio content from the internet,

and enables your computer, phone or tablet to cast audio, video and in some cases even the screen of the device, wirelessly to the tv. lets now look at the price difference between smart and non-smart tvs when we compared the prices of a leading tv brand we found that difference in price for 40" smart and non smart tv was rs. 10,000 (usd 95) difference in price for 43" smart and non smart tv was rs. 11,000 (usd 105)

and difference in price for 49" smart and non smart tv was rs. 15,000 (usd 140) as you increase the size of the tv, difference in price will also increase. compared to this, the price of google chromecast, is between rs. 4,250 (usd 40) and rs 5,000 (usd 48). if you are thinking of buying a large tv, then our review today is for you.

and we have left links in the description for your convenience. so lets now take a look at chromecast specifications in the box you will find a user manual, a micro usb cable, 1 amp power adapter, and the chromecast device itself. on the device, there is a power/reset button, a micro usb port,

and an attached hdmi cable. overall build quality is good, but there is an issue with this device… the glossy finish is very nice to look at, but picks up scratches very easily due to which, the device starts to look old very quickly. but since this device will mostly be behind the tv, this is a minor issue. one thing that we particularly liked was

that the device is very small in size and because there is a magnet at the back, its portability is very good which makes this device useful for giving presentations. now lets talk about what you can actually do with this device. its most useful features is that you can mirror the screen of your windows or mac computer and android devices. in other words, you can wirelessly watch your computer or android phone screen on your tv be mindful though,

that because this device works on your wifi network there will be a slight lag, because of which you may not be able to do any gaming but you can browse the web, and see images and watch presentations please note that google chromecast does not support (natively) screen mirroring on ios devices. with google chromecast, you can also cast audios and videos stored on your phone. alongside this, apps in your phone such as youtube and netflix can also stream content on your chromecast device in this case, chromecast acts as a remote controller

when you cast any video from your app in your phone, chromecast directly downloads and plays that video from the internet. setting up your chromecast is very easy download the google home app on your phone, switch on phone bluetooth click on ‘devices’ icon click on ‘add device’ give your chromecast a name now the app will require your wifi network details

so that it can configure your chromecast on your wifi network be mindful that your phone and chromecast device need to be on the same wifi network. now you can enjoy your content on your chromecast device my friends and i personally really like chromecast at this price point, so much functionality is very useful with this device you can watch movies, browse websites on the big screen and in a business setting, use it for presentations. furthermore, for 4k content, there is chromecast ultra

and for music there is chromecast audio. if you already own a smart tv, even then this product is useful for you because it is compatible with all devices my samsung smart tv till date has not made friends with my iphone youtube app and typing on your smart tv keyboard with your remote control is like torture. just be careful that your experience will only be as good as

your wifi network signal strength and your broadband speed in our testing on an 8 mbps connection and with an average wifi router performance was good. this brings us to the end of our review we hope you enjoyed it and if you did, and want to watch more content like this, please subscribe to our channel and drop a like on this video we will see you in the next video


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