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hi everyone. today i finally wanted to film my captainamerica: civi war movie review. i meant to do this the week after it cameout because i saw it the night it came out. but i got sick then i had finals and stufflike that. so, i’m finally going to sit down and recordit. i’m going to split this review up into threeparts: plot, characters, and cinematography. this is going to have spoilers since it’sbeen out since may so if you haven’t seen it by now, sorry but there’s going to be allkind of spoilers so don’t watch it if you haven’t seen it yet or you don’t care or whatever.

okay, so the main plot was about the sokoviaaccords. i thought that was pretty well carried outthrough the whole movie. there are many parts where it was kinda likesteve finding bucky and protecting bucky but i feel like it pretty much stayed on coursewith the sokovia accords. i didn’t mind steve finding and wanting toprotect bucky because i think they are great characters and i like their chemistry togetherand stuff. so, the sokovia accords, i get why each personhad their own side. like i am team cap so i wouldn’t sign thesokovia accords if i was in the mcu. but i get why steve did that.

he has trust issues. it makes sense he doesn’t trust the government. he loves doing his job and he doesn’t wantthem regulating his job. tony, on the other hand, he basically wantedto sign them so people wouldn’t die but people still would’ve died no matter what. there would still be causalities of war andstuff so i don’t understand why he want to sign it if people are still going to die. it’s not his fault they died. it was ultrons and before that it was loki’sfault.

so, they can’t do anything to stop that, youknow. one plot hole that i did find and i talkedabout this with my teacher actually, was that when the winter soldier killed tony stark’sparents, there’s footage of it. if he is suppose to be this top notch assassini feel like his trainers would have been like "hey you need to shoot this camera" or somethingor would have found a way to delete the footage. i mean, of course, unless they wanted to starkto see it but, it just doesn’t make sense. i thought this movie was going to have a biggeraffect on agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. but it really didn’t. they just casually mentioned it.

no one really cared about it. you think that if they have all these inhumansrunning around, they’d be like "hey, the government wants to control you" but it seemed like noone really cared about that which i didn’t think made much sense. overall, the plot was carried out well andit’s point was made and i think everyone understood how much this changes the marvel cinematicuniverse so i’d give the plot an a. so, now let’s talk about the characters. first let’s talk about the relationships betweencharacters. i’d say the most prominent two were betweensteve and sharon carter and wanda and vision.

i do not like steve and sharon together. it’s wrong given steve kissed peggy whichis sharon’s aunt and then sharon and steve kissed after peggy’s funeral. that is just wrong. that made me so mad and everybody in the theatregroaned when they saw that. i don’t think barely anyone in the marvelfandom ships them. it’s not like a bad thing to ship them, ijust think it’s kinda wrong for them to kiss and be a couple after steve and peggy weretogether. it just doesn’t make sense.

then i liked wanda and vision together. they’re cute and together in the comics. it’s cute how wanda calls him "vis" and stuff. it’s cute. i like that ship. i’m fine with that ship. it’s a cute ship. now let’s talk about my favorite characterthe winter soldier/bucky barnes who was basically in the entire movie.

i liked him. all his action scenes were good. his dialogue was good and there were somejokes which were funny. he’s just my favorite character. the one thing i did not like with him thoughwas that they put him back under the ice. are you kidding me? no. why? just because those words trigger him, doesnot mean everybody’s going to say those words.

only one person in the entire world caresenough to like research, stalk the winter soldier and then figure out how to use thosewords against him. it’s not that big of deal. bucky did not have to go back under. he does not deserve that. sebastian stan does not deserve that. that makes me very very mad. it made me cry. i thought i was going to cry throughout thewhole movie but that credit scene at the very

end made me cry. i was angry. my least favorite characters was spiderman. i wasn’t a fan of this version of him. i liked that he was a fanboy. that gave us fangirls and fanboys a characterto relate to. but he came across as immature. i might grow to like him in the future. maybe if i watch the movie again i’ll likehim even more.

he was just kinda immature and annoying tome. i did like his line, however, i think it was"i can’t go to germany, i have homework." that is me. totally me. that’s like the most relatable line in moviehistory. the jokes that he made about how he didn’tunderstand stuff old people liked were pretty funny too. he’s like a typical kid which i mean, is fine. he was just kinda annoying.

the new characters they brought in. black panther, i liked him. i don’t know if marvel was trying to do thisor not but like after his father died you knew he was black panther. i pretty sure everyone knew that. it didn’t come as a surprise or anything. baron, i liked him. i guess you could say he’s a villain. he’s not like loki.

i don’t really have anyone to describe himto. like he’s like insane but he’s also like normalabout it. like he’s really chill about being insane. like loki you knew he was insane. this guy was like a physcopath. i like having a villain like that in the movie. martin freeman was in this movie. he had a really small characters but you knowmartin freeman, i like martin freeman. my favorite character for comedic relief wasprobably ant-man or hawkeye.

they had some funny lines. hawkeye’s also been one of my favorite characters. he’s always been a sarcastic character andi love a sarcastic character as a sarcastic person. the women in this movie were awesome and theykicked butt. black widow, i think we all knew she was adouble agent. there was no way she could betray steve likethat so i wasn’t surprised that she protected him and stuff. i loved wanda in this movie.

i like having a character and you can seewhat they do has an affect on them. her throwing crossbones into a building andhe explodes has a huge affect on her. it makes her question her morals and stuffand i like that about a character. it shows depth and character development. sharon carter, they turned her into a joke. i loved her in winter soldier. she was an amazing shield agent. she kicked butt and just, it was cool. but they turned her into a joke.

now she’s there to be steve’s girlfriend basicallyand i think that’s a shame that they did that to her character. i’ve seen a lot of other people in the fandomfeel that way too. i wished they would have done more with hercharacter because she was an awesome character. she could have been the next peggy after theycanceled agent carter. that’s what they could have done to save herbut you know. now let’s go on to cinematography. i liked the cinematography in this. i liked how they did the big white bold subtitlesover the entire screen for location.

i thought that was a very modern take on doingit and it was something different. the cinematography in the fight scenes wasvery nice and smooth. some times there can be too many cuts andit jumps around too fast and that can tire some people or make people have hard timegrasping what’s going on. i didn’t there was an issue like that. i know some people thought that was issuein winter soldier. i thoughts the cut in it were perfect. my favorite action scene was not really theairport. that was a really cool scene with a reallycool fight scene and all the effects in that

were amazing. it was when black widow was fighting thosethree guys in the beginning. that was amazing. she’s just really cool and that was a coolscene to have her in. the cinematography in it was nice. the shots were nice, stuff like that. the cgi in this was good. everything looked real. my favorite cgi scene was when scarlet witchgrabbed crossbones with her powers and threw

him into a building. it’s cool seeing her powers and i like thepinkish red particles they have. it looks cool and it’s believable and stuff. like i said the airport scene was amazing. it wasn’t really my favorite fight scene butit was pretty cool. all of ant-man’s effects when he was fightingblack widow were cool. when he was in the iron man suit that wascool. of course when he grew like super big, thatwas really cool. spiderman’s effects, you know, were spiderman.

i liked his new suit. it was more modern and stuff. so overall the special effects and cinematographywere good in this movie. i’d say it’s one of the best movies marvelhas cinematography wise. it’s probably my second or third favoritemarvel movie. overall this movie was good. i’d give it an a, a-. it was a really good movie. the plot was carried out.

the characters were nice. you saw character development. the cinematography was great. if you saw this movie, let’s discuss it downbelow and your opinions. do you agree with me? do you disagree? let’s have a conversation. remember to leave a like if you like thisvideo and subscribe to get updates of when i upload a new video.

thanks for watching and you have been graced.

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