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 by jamal andress
 the tech world’s rumor pot is stirring onceagain with more talk about apple tv. 
many outlets are reporting apple is lookinginto ad-skipping technology for their new version of apple tv. tech journalist jessicalessin — formerly of the wall street journal — broke the story saying apple and cablecompanies have been discussing the service. (via the verge)
lessin writes, "apple told media executives it wants to offer a ‘premium’ version of theservice that would allow users to skip ads and would compensate television networks forthe lost revenue, according to people briefed

on the conversations."
but despite this report many things about the service are still unclear, no one hascommented on how the skipping service will work nor how much apple will have to pay forthe lost advertising viewership. 
cnet notes, this "brand new" apple tv soundsa lot like glorified dvr, "apple would not be the first company to offer users a wayto skip ads on tv programming. tivo and replaytv offered the feature to consumers more thana decade ago." 
many have also compared apple tv to dish’shopper service. but following that path could put apple in legal trouble.
the company, dish, is being sued by cbs, fox, and nbc because of it’s hopper dvr servicearguing the hopper is an "unlawful service"

and will cost the broadcaster "vital meansof payment for their works." (via cnn) 
but the vergeâ seems to believe this featureis exactly what apple needs to compete writing, "… building in ad-skipping could certainlybe the killer feature that it’ll need to gain traction in a tough market."
apple has not confirmed or denied any of the rumors concerning apple tv.

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