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hey y’all. it’s rose, and today we’re going to take alook at simplisafe as both a self-monitored and professionally monitored home securitysolution. simplisafe is a low-cost home security solution. while they don’t require that you sign a contract,they also don’t provide free equipment. what i have here i purchased from the refurbdepartment for under $200. i just have the basics. i’ve got the base station, the wireless keypad,two contact sensors, a motion sensor, and a key fob.

and while you can monitor this equipment onyour own, i would not recommend it. without a monitoring plan, simplisafe is nothingmore than a noise maker, and it’s not even a good noise maker at that. so. i’m going to demonstrate for you how loudthe siren is. take heed. (audible siren. alarm off. warning.

there was a recent alarm triggered.) so there you go. after filming the last scene, i called simplisafeand added a monitoring plan. they have three options for monitoring. with standard, you will have access to 24/7monitoring through a cellular connection for $14.99 per month, for $19.99 per month youcan add text and email alerts. i jumped up to interactive for $24.99 permonth to add remote arm and disarm through the smartphone app, secret alerts, and workswith nest. monitoring works differently with differentcompanies.

with simplisafe, when a sensor triggers anevent, the keypad will beep and prompt you for a pin. you have 30 seconds to make that happen. if you don’t disarm the system, simplisafewill send an alert to the dispatch center. once they get the signal, they will call you. false alarm? no worries. you can provide your safe word, and they won’tcall the authorities. if you don’t provide the safe word or if theycan’t reach you, they will call the authorities

on your behalf. with the interactive plan, i also have accessto simplisafe’s mobile app. if you want to call it that. the app interface is seriously lacking. you can arm and disarm the system from anywhere,check out your event logs, and check your system status. that’s it. the web portal can also help you control yoursystem, but again you must pay for access. though dated, it can do more than the app.

i can adjust alarm settings, create pins forother users, establish a duress pin, establish how different sensors should behave, setupemail alerts, text alerts, and more. and finally, while simplisafe lacks its ownsecurity camera, despite multiple promises that one is coming, i was hopeful it wouldwork with my nest cam through the interactive plan which adds works with nest. it doesn’t. nest cam might appear to work for some users,but only if they have both a camera and a thermostat. i’ve included more details in the review whichis linked below.

final thoughts on simplisafe. it’s dated. the software is dated, the hardware is dated,and even with app access, it isn’t easy to use. all that said, if you have any questions aboutusing simplisafe feel free to comment below and i’ll help you out. it is, at the very least, cheap monitoring,and that’s always a positive thing. if you’ve found this video to be helpful atall, i would be thankful for a thumbs up. otherwise, i will see y’all next time.

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