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that better fuckin worki dont even want to get into how hard it was for me to see this movie. im between 12 hourshifts right now. were gonna get it done though because i loveyou guys dammit, and i need to talk about moviesso im gonna take you on a ride through the window, through the window justyou wait and see so insidious 3 even though the trailer wasgood you have to suspect this isnt gonna be a good movieim not gonna give this guy money, just not gonna make eye contactits directed by leigh wannel, if im not saying that right who gives a shit

this guy is a huge horror guy right?just wrote saw and insidious whats up? dude is multi talentedstop looking at me swan i was torn by insidious 3i never seen a movie that had all the generic stuff that you bitch about in horror but itsthe top of the line of those things there are jump scares abound in this but theyare done so well they actually have a pay off not a cat jumping through a windowso you dont mind it. it adds a fun element its a 3rd sequel most of the time those suckass and its a prequel so all the elements to be garbage juice and it does have thatbut i gotta tell you it was a fun movie people gonna see me driving extremely slowand talking to a camera and are gonna get

fuckin pissed like im trying to get to workyou dick! they pulled it off the best way you can topof the line generic horror sequel youll see and i mean that in a good wayyour fat its hits the generic horror beats but in afun way characters are liekable. dermot mulroney is likeable the girl from the other moviesits her story and the two guys that helped her its an origin story. she tries to contact this girls mom who diedand instead unleashes a dark demon that brings people with life into the futher with itits really simple the last one had a lot of mystery going on insidious 2 though this onehad an elemenet of a cash out movie but its

notits missing the creepiness factor the atmostphere isnt really there until the third act. thethird act gave me what i needed to put this movie over the humpyou get some of the insidious feel you have been looking for. the main bad guy could havebeen a bit scarier hes no darth maul ill tell you that.your gonna have fun with insidious 3. its not gonna be somthing that your gonnaremember not gonna be the scariest stuff youve ever seen but youll have a decent time itsnot gonna be remembered for doing anything special or original but ithits all the horror beats. its a good time. you can have fun with it, some insidious goodness.i dont think there needs to be a fourth movie

i think they squeezed that last bit out ofthe toothpaste. they did a decent job. if you go back intothe well not much to pull out. leave it at three and its a pretty goodtrilogy as far as horror trilogies go. im gonna give it a strong 7.5 it was a goodtime nothing special to put in my book of favorites, i dont have a book of favorites.whats your favorite three movies in a horror series of all time? whats your favorite insidious? what did you think about insidious 3 and howare you guys doin? as you can see im lacking sleep driving while talkiing to a cameraand being a dangerous fuck to everyone but i love you guys click that subscribe buttonget some wwwam up in ya and well see ya next

time.only killed seven people. the big ones are worth more points.we watched a movie. we watched a movie.

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