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documentary about four babies being bornin four different place in the world and it follows them do about the firstyear so their lives if one n_c_r_ cisco when tokyo when one goal yeah and one in the media and the mongolian child saliba menonallison dania the expired and i thought i was measuredin aol in apa it’s a little black book era when i lookat our ac nine much indian public like that

their i was sure that means i went on that c_n_n_ and got it completely wrong i know how much is at the kid i don’tknow why i think that’s that’s a look at this right here sally and now it’s and is given stocks answer the following around that as they develop and there’s no narrationand there are no subtitles you just watch them g_q_ stocks up visit here is the

the all right now what’s that about fourtimes probably is a get out of its new movie combat an airplane and but i don’t knowthat i couldn’t have gotten that more wrong in that scene you saw at thebeginning with one kid disorder pushes the the uh… the kidney starts crying that’s out of all the whole point and right off the bat i swear to god ithought the card said nigeria cuz i wrote in my notes no movieopens venture maybe

polite so to i’m very curious to see ourpeople with babies and without the visa reactors movie employees to get withoutbaby with baby and expecting about haven’t we haven’t so we got a wholelego he liked me light was that with the are exiled bysix months ago i reacted to this far more emotionallythat i never would have prior to having a good before i came before you answertrying having a kid i did not care about babies me qwhatever they didn’t really have a emotionaltimes at the fair pantai and then

now i hadn’t i’ll understand league isbeautiful and debt i’ve got a little bit jumped out the bellow the tear at is theway that the woman sepsis goes cuddling with her little girl in bed and israelif you need to other and added notice requirement in it butbeyond that is shock so beautifully india shot like four hundred hours andfootage is incredibly internet stuff everything from it dark quiet moments of their mother alonewith her child to these basques landscapes in mongolia and that you know not a lot happened

helping with economy and respect that cynthia magris without the baby yes sir uh… i’d understand it who were the littlekids like what with their roles before they were uh… uh… i like that they are lowered theintel’s to speak

without translation like that it didn’t sort of matter butthey were saying but you did get the sense they were mothers and they saying motherly things whether it was namibian yahoo or mongolian in there oror japanese and then you cannot easily understand the san franciscan although she was my leastfavorite mother but for wrong why does that

now because they were incrediblyself-indulgent guides don’t mean ’cause they hadeverything because the the the japanese bother had just as muchstuff but she didn’t strike me as remotely self-indulgent the eyes i thought manythe same things i still thought it was fairly emotional at and although thesome of these things are incredibly obvious i thought the contrast was still nights that you see that japanese kid

american kid playing with nearly everything givingthings that that you give your son as i would give my child as you’ll give yourchild is anybody with the means would’ve every possible rattled always just afascinate them indicated namibia place in the dark westech with us thatdrinking totally understands how you are not the grammy gideon above the crowdgoing me right there’s no end there’s probablyknow well yeah you know so i don’t know alright at this point on this because

on the line and i like all things thatyou guys like italic elaborate further on it because it’s fascinating to seehow and it was a little cliche but it’sgreat to see it how different we are and how similar wehave a right so you see the incredible differences inhow bio unit is brought in and that theuh… and tokyo for example right and that they haven’t been stilldeveloping at darden pointed them out mom’s casuals debate no problemswhatsoever and that’s fine but then he shows we arenot the panic okay

so and i loved seeing that and then ofcourse and they’re all babies and you’ve had the same exact reaction its human reactions great but that allowthat the other half do is to warrant on site on the bad guys i gotta tell ya it was there is no dialogue without youguys pic doubled stenosis lipids here and there are ofself and others in this and that but you know is just it goes on to youshould be shot four hundred hours

i know seventy-nine minutes but it feltlike they use all four hundred outfitted right-hand his son all or the kind of structural choice to maketo not have any kind of narration and it is not a whole lot of structure to it how did that you get universality in it pretty quickly anything in this pretty quickly and iwas minnows done after seven on living on my but by the minute you know i i didyou know i was like i have

and that there are going to turn one and i think i mean you’re right thesepoints are obvious llego right now the universality like yeah were all the sameget worse socotra only different i think it’s important it’s amazing tosee it and of course you’re right we shouldn’t you know look everybody turnsout fine except of course it way better if you get you know if you get of get a formulathat and sort of proper nutrients and vitamins rest well here’s what i feelbetter but uh… but yeah i did not do you ask knowing his daily had u cant getit

came in mongolia which was for by theway they said that little mongolian which is part of a village in it’s part of nafta it’s part of dark un and in mongoliagiant talc to serve these six huts all but alsothey are a doctor to cup leaning you know and i suspect there namibia there’s no doctor and buteverybody would like the doctor and that would be nice an obviously that is makesit more likely that that kid will grow

up sort of healthy wealthy and wise nono i i didn’t look i’d love that prospective tenants of the i_r_a_ sis i like the idea behind the movie somuch since i like seeing those different parts of my style of my book made mewant to go to mongolia and it’s very simple la okay very simple you know they liveliterally in a tent in new york okay but but if they look like everything thatand you know i like this that and financial center look at

every time i want to give a high-riskone thing about it in my head as i watch the movie right uh… i doze off and i’d whitehead alower score endowed objective hubbard six six no fire at for four and then finally i did they give it up four point one i want to however i gaveit a point one for executing seriously four point one that is going to talk ithink gorgeous it gorgeous gorgeous here’s what they should have done annaand i would even a nine point it

maybe fifteen minutes okay today made ahead and and it fifteenor twenty minutes argo twenty minutes five minutes a day exactly now look you can get a in on deflects which sponsors job steven protectedlater ok and you fast forward you love it but he felt like a sprawling but then igot that require that have been and tracy dove yet after you have your child if you weretelling revisit this again

i really interesting thing about that yet no i’m curious about that too and look at the i’d wear with my pregnantwife and uh… i can all she loves it ofcourse crying and then we hardly yet and we came out and it was like three orfour pregnant women in the in the audience and it was like sevenpeople in with it’s so every week it would get it but look i want you to see the movie because it’ssuch a great perspective but just

in good conscience can’t tell you thatyou’re not really a fourth of july on a distant see the movie intensive four yet see the movietwenty-one but dip repaired here both that some andexcept went fine what my biggest beautiful and for seeing and by and i don’t think that’s that’s a reallybad unlike did like that the more time i get away from it but itleaves have sort of emotional impact

the moment i have this feeling that four monthsfrom now somebody will ask on just saw babies on netflix and also a prominent role that yeah well i’m but that suggests givensix point five hour like that i think it is an emotional impact in those that things are obvious i think it it matters to see them in tosee them visually and i think it’s it is beautiful and i think it’s remarkablethat they narrowed

all this for a four thousand our statusand must’ve been a suspect more than four baby so i’m guessing yeti they thoughtthat apparently still were pregnant happening couple that apparently isplaced and then the west bank time with thesefor the benefits to where the most compelling interest in all this so yeah i was going to several years inthe making tracking down years into agreed to at their homes their liveslike this seller bite so the final averages about a sixyet

and on the bag and i feel bad for youread about a rating i’m just trying to do it

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