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every day we are exposingourselves to theft and scams of the digital kind.our computers are a breeding ground for fowl play.so are you doing everything you can to protect your sensitiveonline information? how are you managing yourpasswords to keep your most precious information safe fromprying eyes? here to talk about protectingand managing important passwords and our valuable information, isemmanuel schalit, ceo of dashlane.good morning!

good morning.great to be here. thanks for being here.let me ask you something. i mean, are the passwords beingcompromised and you know, to get that information that thesepeople want? today, there is so muchinformation about us all around the cloud that it’s becomecritical to protect it. think about everything there isabout your friends on facebook. about your professional life onlinked in. think about your bank account.think about all of that being

exposed and protected only byone thing: your password. what’s the most common password?the most common password is actually password.you’re kidding! i was going to say 1, 2, 3, 4that’s the second most common. is it important to get apassword emmanuel, that’s secure and hard to detect?it is important but it’s not enough anymore.because hackers can find that password in one account andreuse it everywhere. the one thing that matters is tohave a different password for

every website.which obviously is impossible unless you use a product to dothat. because it’s very hard for me tothink that i’m going to use now a different password foreverything that i do online and then i’m going to have a peiceof paper and i’m going to write every thing down.and i’m going to lose that piece of paper.of course. so, how does dashlane helpthere? we completely automateeverything around passwords.

we generate new passwords foryou. different for every website.we remember them. we make them available on everydevice. phone, tablet, computer.and we even enter them for you so you never have to even haveto type them, remember them or know them anymore.and it’s totally secure because only you can ask the data.not even us. ok, but let me be skeptic now.because you have to prove this to me.i can access it but you guys now

have all of my passwords.how am i going to trust you? you have it!actually, the beauty of it is we don’t.all those passwords are protected by one thing.which is called your master password.the only one you have to remember.and we don’t have that. and it is the key to protectingyour data. and it is a key we do not have.we have thrown away the key. we cannot read our usersdata.

and you think it’s made adifference for many people who probably have come to you andsaid, oh my gosh somebody came into my bank account and tookall this money. yes, we see people every dayhaving their carrier compromised because there are bad thingshappening to their identity on the web.who have stuff stolen from them because their bank account isaccessed. it is a problem every consumerhas today. and this is, i guess in youropinion, the best way for now to

really lock that information.tight! it is the only way to have anapplication that does that for you.it’s become too complicated for us, consumers, and leave itourselves. it’s just not possible.now, you’ve got a great honor. and i was reading from pc magand cnn. notable honors.tell me about them. yes, we were awarded coolestgadget of 2013 by cnn. we were nominated as the bestsecurity product of 2013 by pc

mag.we’ve seen the attraction with consumers.emmanuel, if somebody wants information on the company andhow to protect their valuable information.where do they go to? they simple godashlane.com theproduct is free. available on all majorplatforms. ok.i am going to check it out. because not that i’m certainlynot independently wealthy here,

but i do like to have my stuff.you should. thank you very much.thank you very much. thanks for coming on the show.and if you’d like to learn more about today’s tech topic, visitus at thebalancingact.comor log on tofacebook/thebalancingactfans

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