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welcome to this week’s movie math, where itseems halloween no longer has a monopoly on "kinky". yes after fifty shades of grey lastyear and now deadpool this year, the valentine’s day-president’s day super combo is now oneof the most coveted release dates of the year, up there with the first weekend of may, memorialday, the fourth of july, thanksgiving and christmas. but what’s even more interestingis that both fifty shades of grey and deadpool are r-rated movies that revelled in their"mature" labels, and what likely pushed deadpool ahead of fifty shades was many parents decidingto take their kids to see the superhero flick despite the mpaa warning. in fact, ryan reynoldsand the film’s screenwriters even did interviews saying it was okay for parents to take kidsas young as six and seven. will that trick

work twice, or even for another weekend? we’llsee, and there are still many answered questions regarding deadpool’s box office fortunes – butas for its opening weekend, the answer is clear: fox and ryan reynolds made historywith one of the greatest ad campaigns of all time. many fans have correctly pointed outthat reynolds was a major creative factor in fox’s inventive campaign, and fox deservescredit for listening not just to their talent – but to ryan reynolds no less! this is alsoone movie where internet fandom deserves a lot of credit as well, doing as much to bolsterdeadpool as they did to teardown fantastic four. yes, we’re getting to a point whereinternet trolls can actually in large part dictate the coverage and perception of a film,as many outlets are too fearful – and too

reliant on clicks – to risk such wrath. batmanv superman and the ghostbusters reboot should genuinely be afraid. speaking of dc, as deadpoolpicked up more and more momentum over the weekend, some began to say it was unforutnatethat suicide squad would likely be pg-13, a move that would make the movie seem outof touch in a post-deadpool hollywood. that is actually a valid argument, but it’s byno means a slam dunk either. let’s not forget that an r-rated movie has never joined thebillion dollar club. the matrix reloaded has come the closest with almost seven hundredand fifty million, followed by the passion of the christ at a little over six hundredmillion, and then the hangover part 2 at a little under six hundred million. now, deadpoolcould make history yet again by surpassing

those films, but with china refusing to showthe film it’s unlikely. but deadpool, made for just under sixty million, doesn’t needto make a billion dollars. it’s already a huge success one weekend in, and it’s prettymuch guaranteed we’ll be seeing more r-rated superhero movies getting greenlit in the samebudget range – especially since the same amount or more needs to be spent on advertising asdemonstrated by fox here. but is deadpool just a success because of it’s r-rating? whilethat’s certainly a factor, there are others that potential imitators would be wise totake note of. there’s ryan reynolds in the kind of perfect casting you rarely see, inline with angelina jolie as maleficent or chris pratt in jurassic world. then there’salso the extremely male-centric nature of

the film – a superhero frat party if you will.i saw many comments from fans saying they were happy to see a film that unapologeticllymale – with one viewer even going so far as to say it was particularly welcome after "theytook star wars away from us". perhaps deadpool has perfect timing, targeting the white maledemographic which feels besiged by the strong push for more gender equality and diversityin today’s movies… now let’s look at some cold hard numbers.deadpool won the weekend with one hundred and thirty-five million – the number one president’sday opening of all time, the number one febraury opening of all time, the number one r-ratedopening of all time and – get this – the biggest opening ever for fox itself! but even beyond,deadpool is the seventeenth biggest opening

of all time period which is particularly impressivefor the introduction of a new character – x-men origins wolverine obviously doesn’t count.speaking of the x-men films, this puts tremendous pressure on bryan singer and his team as ryanreynolds and his team just delivered the biggest opening for the franchise ever on one of itssmallest budgets. singer has said that x-men apocalypse will be his final, final x-menmovie, and after deadpool’s debut i would think fox would be inclined to agree. as someof you tweeted me, and as i said myself last week on morning movie news, deadpool makesit crystal clear that new talent in-front of and behind the camera reinvigorates thex-men tenfold – and actually creates something that can compete with the likes of marvel,dc, star wars and more. going forward, it

will be very interesting to see how deadpoolperforms week to week. one might be inclined to think it will drop heavily, as fifty shadesfell over seventy percent in its second weekend. but it’s worth noting that deadpool fell justten percent from friday to saturday, rare for a blockbuster. that could either meanit has staying power, or it’s just that frontloaded. after all, while making everyone feel likedeadpool was the party to go to this weekend has proven tremendously successful, will peoplestill pay to see it in theaters after said party is over? to be fair though, there’sno other party really set to hit the box office for an entire month until march 11th when10 cloverfield lane and the brothers grimsby hit. zootopia hits a week early on march 4th,but that’s supposed to have a different audience.

as for repeat viewing, i know many of youhave already seen it multiple times this very weekend! how many more rounds do you thinkyou have left? and on that note, with so many people choosing to see deadpool multiple timesin the same weekend, hollywood usual plan of getting you to see a few different moviesover the president’s day weekend did not work. there was no room for zoolander 2 or how tobe single – but zoolander 2 only has itself to blame for its failure. not only did paramountlose its nerve with the marketing campaign, but then the film itself didn’t deliver. theresult was zoolander 2 opening with the exact same fifteen million the original did – fifteenyears ago. deadpool didn’t make zoolander seem lam-ay, ben stiller did. and boy, everyoneelse on that supposed fandango list of most

anticipated movies has got to be for the rest of the top ten, while universal made all the big moves at the box office lastyear, so far 2016 is fox’s year as they had both the number one and number two moviesof the weekend, plus the revenant continues to hold steady in the middle of the pack asit continues its march toward the oscar – at the very least for leo. as for this comingweekend, no matter what it drops deadpool will likely slice and dice all the new entries- easily. and that’s the weekend box office! i’m grace randolph and we just did some moviemath! thanks for watching, and i hope you’ll go beyond the trailer for these other topmovies…

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