Dell Inspiron 15 Review

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hi everyone it’s been a month since i havethis laptop into them ready to let you know what think about it and if you have notseen the unboxing video you can find the link in the description and i don’t talk a lot about this computer. i justchose five top things i like it about and 5 things that i did not really like about about this computer and if you have additional questions go and comment and i’ll answer you all your questions. number 5 battery life. i’ve been doing my homework watching videos and it’s been like five hours

and i’m looking and "wow that is good stuff" and up to six hours lenovo promises you up to 10 hours and i’m not sure that’s true but you can trust this laptop, the battery life is awesome the next thing it’s really cheapcompared to other laptop with the same characteristics i7, ssd, and all that stuff, i don’t know how all that is called anyways, i paid just a little over 8 hundreddollars and i got this really nice laptop

this is my best friend it never freezes alleluia! the next thing is screen brightness, okay number one then most favorite thing aboutthis laptop it doesn’t get hot you know i live in a cold climate and i appretiate space heater and all that stuff but it’s a really good laptop to get hotand it even barely gets warm i games, i watch videos and it’s a cold

ok, thought about and i don’t have negative things to say about this laptop. i can say that the keyboard is a little bit weird and it’s been a month and i stillkinda of adjusting to it and yeah that’s something i don’t really like about it. number two it gets dirty. really easily the screen is okay butthe keyboard and outside is just getting dirty easily and the last thing and i don’t reallylike about this laptop and i’m just being picky, you know guys? the track-pad is not as responsive as i wish it was

but that’s pretty much. its great laptop over all i highly recommended this laptop toguys again if you have any questions you’rewelcome to comment and you know like this video share thisvideo subscribers i’ll be glad to answer your questions and make more videos, see you later. we can do it at the end, ya? the bloopers? a ha. hi guys it’s me and today we are gonna. (turn it off) number 5.

number 5 the price. mambo number 5! :d number 5 i got the number 5 already. and it is an i7 has a bunch of stuff okay. ya. anyways this is a great thing!

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