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hi everyone! we’re back and today we are going to lookat the assembly instuctions for the tyke supply hs-33. this model is a stair climbing hand truckmade from commercial grade aluminum. the assembly instructions left some detailsout, so we want to take a minute to cover the full instructions for you to make it aseasy as possible. this is how it arrives. it is a pretty reasonable size box, and itis packaged well with shipping straps. the main components are just inside the boxand then you will find the wheel assembly,

large sleeves, long handle and mounting bracketsin the smaller, inner box. you will only need a few tools for the assemblyprocess. you can also use sockets instead of wrenchesif you prefer. i used wrenches and it was pretty simple. here are the installation instructions. there are a few parts that are not real clearon these, and we will touch on each of those parts in this video. so here is step #1 in this step, we will attach the nose of thedolly to the frame and the brackets for the

axle. the instructions don’t show the brackets upclose, so here is the easiest way to make sure they are attached properly. the ridge on this piece goes inside the channelof the frame. then as you see this angled piece, it anglesback towards the center of the hand truck. once this piece is attached, the next bracketpiece is pretty straightforward. just line the ridge and the channel up. this hole at the back is the one that willbe used for the axle in the next step. now for step 2.

here we will be installing the axle. it just slides through the hole we saw inthe last step. now take these spring pins and insert themin the holes predrilled in the axle. you will need the hammer for this. don’t be afraid to hit them, it will takesome pressure to get them to seat into the axle properly. moving onto step 3. this is the step that is the least clear onthe actual instructions. this picture shows the order that you shouldbe installing the parts.

the small sleeve, followed by a washer. then the large sleeve and then slide the wheelassembly over the large sleeve. this is the part the instructions omitted. it doesn’t mention the large sleeve at all. here you can see the sleeve up close. i found it easiest to put the sleeve on theaxle and then slide the wheels over vs putting the sleeve inside first. now with the wheels on, you will put anotherwasher and the cotter pin to secure the wheel assembly.

now the final step is installing the handleon step 4. this is very straightforward, just pay attentionto the order of the parts. from outside in, you will have the frame,the normal handle, the long handle, then the short loop. it may take some pressure to the get the longhandle and short loop to nestle in properly. secure the screws and there you have it. this is fully assembled hs-33 from tyke supply. very simple, just remember how to attach thefirst bracket and the wheel assembly goes over the long sleeve.

leave any questions or comments below. we will also have a full review of this productcoming soon.

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