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dropsy oozes charm like a horned up retardoozes genetic futility into the front of his sonic the hedgehog underoos by overdeliveringon details that other games generally overlook. dropsy organically integrates the item managementinterface by reaching into his pants as if he’s fishing out a hot turd when retrievingitems, he is characterized via his bouncy animations rather than by patronizing expositorydialouge, and non playable characters interact with dropsy so iconically that each interactionrounds out dropsy as a character. the first mission invovles bringing a birthdaygift to a family member on the other side of town. when you reach the marker on the map, thereisn’t a 5 minute cutscene or a paragraph of

flavor text explaining exactly what has happened. the player intuits dropsy’s circumstancesinstantly, creating a powerful moment that effectively sets the tone for the rest ofthe game. despite appearances, dropsy is less aboutsilly clown shenanigans and more about healing a struggling community one person at a time. its a nice change of pace to help someonewith kindness and understanding, rather than by bringing them 5 wolf pelts or killing somebodythey dislike. and i’m not just saying that because i used to work for the dnc. and to be perfectly honest, big wet retardhugs are probably the best quest reward in

videogame history. honestly, i’d pay good money for an arenabased retard hugging simulator. you could compete to hug other players harderand longer while utilizing sophisticated strategies like mistaking every one for your elderlymother or harvesting extra chromasomes from fallen foes. stripped of the slick presentation, the gameplayof dropsy is both simple and effective. it isn’t just a matter of bringing peopleitems that garners dropsy hugs, but finding the best way to present those items that reallymakes the difference. for example, you can’t just give this futurediversity a new flower.

she wants the old one back. only by replacing the dead flower at nightcan the player garner that coveted inner city urban female hug demographic that cost hillaryclinton the election. the atmosphere in dropsy is so thick thatdisgusting fat chicks would call it plus sized. the color palette changes with the risingand setting of the sun. each area is visually and functionally distinct,making it easy to remember the locations of key npcs. and i probably added a full hour to my runtime by leaving the game idle so i could listen to the music while working around the house.

dropsy’s little animal friends both expandthe playable real estate of each area, creating an interesting dynamic between large and smallspaces, and more impressively, miraculalously survive constant hugs from a 500 pound peanutbutter fingered abomination against god’s plans. the writing, composed without utilizing asingle spoken or typed word is excellent, creating both a world worth exploring andcharacters worth caring about. while not every puzzle needs to be solvedto finish the game, most players will spend that extra hour or two playing just to getthose couple extra hugs. overall dropsy is a brief, but excellent indiegame filled to the brim with character.

any game that lets me play as a fat albinoretard, aside from the jennifer hepler simulator, is fine by me. thanks for your time and goodbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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