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– hi, folks, i’m chris worldsie from yale appliance and lightingin boston, massachusetts. today, we’re gonna talk toyou about bosch dishwashers. for more detailed information about this and other subjects,follow the links below. so bosch is a german company, but a lot of their appliances are actually made in the united states. they are one of the largest appliance

manufacturers in the world. well, for the most part,they’re gonna be quieter, and that’s the mostcommon question we see. they also are more energy efficient than one, a american dishwasher would be, and they heat the waterto a higher temperature so they actually get a better cleaning than what the americans do. they’ve also found that a lot of people

are switching to dishwasher tablets, and they actually have a dispenser specifically designed for those tablets which can make things a lot easier for ya. they’ve also got astainless steel interior, which is a non-porous surface, so it doesn’t cling on to bacteria, or discolor with hard water. so we generally show abouteight models on the floor.

as you go up in price, you’re going to get a quieter machine, you’re going to get more cycles, suchas eco or sanitization. you’re also gonna get more flexibility in the racking, such asheight-adjustable rack, folding tines, and something that’s really popular right now,which is the third rack. you also could getwater-softening salt locations. so if you have hard water,you could get discoloration.

you can get etching in your glasses, this will help alleviate that. this is a questionthat’s often overlooked. a american dishwasher sticks out three-quarters to an inch further than one of bosch does, so if you have flush-mounted cabinets,you don’t want that panel sticking out. so, bosch tends to be a better option,

because it can sit moreflush into that cabinetry.

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