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hi dr clayton roach today we’re going to betalking about more myths that surround chiropractic care and create that hesitancy for patients potential patients to come in tosee a chiropractor one of the ones i hear a lot is surrounding kids why would kids go to a chiropractor why would yousee a newborn in a chiropractic office well the answer is simple all kids all human beings have a nervoussystem that requires checkup a newborn

as you know goes through the birth canal and as soonas he goes to the birth canal there’s a medical doctor there waiting to pullthe head to get the baby out of the birth canal that createsa lot of stress and a lot of pressure on the spinal cord nerves and nervous system a lot of times kids will display symptomslike colic maybe not thrive well have difficulty with breastfeeding maybe later on in life headaches constant ear infections i’ve seen kids that are literally on antibiotics from theday they were born and that is not normal

the reason we see kids in our office is to check their nervous system and enhance their health regardless if there’s pain or not another myth that i hear a lot is that geez once you go to a chiropractor you have to go for the rest of your life and the reason that they see that is because a lot of patients alot of people do go to a chiropractor on a regular basis andhere’s why once patients are through their crisiswhether through their corrective care as a chiropractor i give them a choice tomaintain

their results we all know that weexperience stress on a regular basis whether that’s sitting at an office infront of a computer for a whole day with bad posture the regular bending sitting lifting your grandkids or your kids our spine experiences stress all the time if we don’t maintain our spine our spine will slowly go back to its old alignment oldmuscle memory and you end up with what’s called a relapseyou can choose to do that and just come in when it hurts but in terms ofoptimizing your health

it’s much more effective and healthier to maintain your health than to treat acrisis the last myth i’d like to approach is the fact that sometime patients will say oh chiropractors aren’t real doctors it all depends on what real means when i think they mean is that we’re notmedical doctors and that is true we’re not md’s we’redc’s dc stands for doctor of chiropractic so we go through a very rigorouscurriculum to become a chiropractor we have to dofirst our undergraduate degree which most schools are going for now

you can get in with three years but mostschools are asking for a full bachelor’s degree chiropractic school isfour years and then we have to write all our regulatory boardsto finally be able to practice chiropractic in our province here in canada so again although we’re not real doctors butpeople typically will mean is that we’re not medical doctors we’re chiropractors with that i’m dr claytonroach and i look forward to seeing you soon

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