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are kitchenaid grills any good? kitchenaid grills were an interesting mishmash of results when i researched them. what do you mean? kitchenaid is a good brand. kitchenaid put its name on a series of grills,but they weren’t made or supported by kitchenaid. then who makes them? nexgrill is the true manufacturer of the kitchenaidgas grills. nexgrill is a chinese manufacturer. that does not mean it is all bad, though thechinese melamine in the dog food that killed a lot of pets and lead and cadmium in kidjewelry certainly gives people that impression. everything on their 2010 grills was stainlesssteel, heavy duty construction on the large

outdoor gas grills. with the later generations,quality went down. can you give me specifics? the later gas grills have thin painted stainlesssteel construction that rusts if scratched. quality went down, though not the price. they sell big grills, but they had low heatoutput for the grill’s size. however, the later gas grills did improve their heat output. one of their best selling grill models infuriatedpeople by selling a rotisserie burner but you had to buy the rotisserie kit separately. and the rotisserie kit is still sold separately.the propane tank for the grills is sold separately,

too, while natural gas conversion is challenging. i can live with that. how is the warranty? the grills have a ten year warranty, but thatis with nexgrill, not kitchenaid. it is hard enough to find a kitchenaid repairtech who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. surely it can’t be all bad. the kitchenaid aka nexgrill units are easyto assemble. that’s one usually frustrating day, whilei am concerned about long term quality and support for the unit. there are better grills on the market, withbetter support and durability.

so no kitchenaid wannabes.

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