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voiceover: to compete on the global market,businesses must continually search for new ways to improve their products and performance,eliminate mistakes, and reduce costs. today, with the help of penn state, improvementsin the field of engineering could now lead to the innovations of a 2.4 trillion dollara year healthcare industry, where enhancements could not only save millions of dollars, butalso prevent the loss of human life. dr. nembhard: "healthcare is a system of processesfrom an engineering viewpoint and the same tools that have been used to improve manufacturingsystems, that have been used to improve transportation systems can be used to improve healthcaresystems." voiceover: dr. nembhard has gained nationalpraise for her improvements in the manufacturing

and service industries by actively incorporatingthe wealth of resources offered by the university. dr. nembhard: penn state has an infrastructureand really a spirit of collaboration… people are willing to cross lines, and work witheach other. voiceover: thinking that has lead to the developmentof penn state’s center for integrated healthcare delivery systems. the center draws industry leaders such assiemens, verizon, lockheed-martin, and highmark to workshops on campus. advances by the center have already led toimprovements in the delivery of care at the hershey medical center emergency departmentand community hospitals in the commonwealth

of pennsylvania, innovative approaches tocaring for patients with chronic diseases, improving communications with electronic healthrecords, as well as developing new medical devices contribute to the promise of betterhealth care for many patients. dr. deflitch: "the healthcare system is brokenand we have the knowledge and expertise at penn state to be able to use engineering principles,use information technology, use smart healthcare delivery systems to be able to fix it."

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