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product reviews [crunch crunch] reviewcruncher.com consumer drones: dji phantom 4 pro features and modes: positioning / sports / altitude/ tapfly / gesture / tripod / draw / livestream / activetrack / terrain follow / intelligent flight mode: / (course & home lock / point of interest follow me / waypoints) / return-to-home / intelligent flight battery / / auto takeoff/landing / vision system: / front / back / down specs: green is good, yellow is average, red is bad

bad • price: $1330 usd and up with combos (prices vary)bad • size: 350mm (diagonal size)good • weight: 1388g (with battery & propellers)good • max flight time: 30 mingood • max ascent speed: 6 m/s (19.7 ft/s)good • max descent speed: 4 m/s (13.1 ft/s)good • max flying speed: 72 kph (44.7 mph) good • max service ceiling above sea level: 6000 m (19685 ft/s)good • positioning system: gps & glonassgood • transmission: fcc: 7 km (4.3 mi); ce: 4km (2.5 mi)good • vision system: forward, backward, downward (infrared sides)average • operating temperature: 0Ⱐto 40Ⱐc (32Ⱐto 104Ⱐf)good • max video recording: c4k at 60fps & 4k at 60fpsgood • max image capture: 20 megapixels ratings summarized: date of this review: february 19, 2017 best seller in drones ranked at: top 10 total customer reviews: 354 comprised of: 66 percent of the ratings are good, 12 percent of the ratings are average,

22 percent of the ratings are bad, reviews summarized: pros: • has a very long flight time of 30 minutes• amazing camera – c4k at 60fps and images at 20mp• improved vision system for avoiding obstacles at 31mph• packed with several flight features for flying & safety• is capable of long distance flights and high speeds• intuitive and easy to understand control system• has a 5.5 inch portable screen purchase option cons: • expensive drone and extra batteries cost $170 usd• very bulky drone and remote controller• doesn’t recognise thinner branches as obstacles• vision sensors don’t work as well if flying diagonally• horizon tilt is noticeable in a lot of footage• side infrared sensors have very limited capabilities• loss of video feed and go app crashes on some flights reasons this product is right for you: • sacrificing portability for better quality visuals• you don’t already own a phantom 3 or 4• you want faster flying speeds with long flight times• you’re planning to make a living with aerial shots• you normally have a habit of crashing drones• you’re past the beginner level of drone flying• you’re eager to do camera moves with drone features what are your thoughts on this drone?

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