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jiå™ã­ franta and david bã¶hm -blind man’s dream the exhibitionblind man’s dream at the newly openedfait gallery is named aftera video placed in the middleof this installation. it consists of the firsttwo episodes from a moviewe are working on. it is basedon an idea of a dream dreamt by somebodywho is blind from birth,

so the emphasisis more on haptic and on sonic senses. apart from this panelwith tvs on both sides, there are boardswith drawings on one side. so, as the viewer standsanywhere in this space, something is being uncovered,or hidden, creating this strangelabyrinth with parts of these drawingswhich are in fact large digital prints,forming a kind of a cue

to reading this exhibition,a print screen, like when one googles an imageand before it loads it appears in a form ofcolorful rectangles. so before one gets to thephotograph one seeks, one is first facedwith this random collage. so this exhibition can be viewedin a similar way. the images loading,forming a potential painting. so one can walk aroundas the images are "loading". there are also objects,sculptures, busts,

some ceramic,others made out of polystyrene, etc. we can also seethis strange labyrinth and the video touches upon,or paraphrases, milan grygar,and the situations he used to work with,recording, and transmission, of sound,working with paper, the elements whichinterconnect this whole exhibition.

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