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another week, another video from my series"star trek: the official starship collection". this time it will bea review of issue 54, the "steamrunner class". it came in the standard box, "collectors model,not designed and intended for play by children under 14years of age". again, "recommended age 14+". on the back side you can and the star trek logo. on this side you can see the logos for 4 ofthe tv shows and this is the logo of the oldest tv show, the classic star trek. and now it’s time to take it out of the box.

so this is how the model looks like. as you can see it’s again one of the moredetailed models, with again some nice paint job, this is a close-up of the bridgesection, as you can see this is the uss apalachia. this is the view from the top, this is fromthe bottom, uss apalachia. you can see the registry number. 52136and this is the stand. you can see it’s the steamrunner class, itwas released in 2015 by cbs studios inc. and of course distributed by eaglemoss, manufacturedin china. and again this is one of the more problematicstands.

this plastic "thing" doesn’t fit very wellinto the main part. so i will not keep it there for to long, becauseit looks kind of unstable. now this is a more detailed description ofall the parts of the ship. and as usually let’s check the magazine whichcame with this model. it starts as usually with the table of contentand the instructions how to put it on the stand. the next page contains the specificationsof the "real" ship. then it continues with an article about the"real" ship with a nice new render. then you can see some pictures from the tvshow.

this is again the detailed information aboutdifferent parts of the ship. this is the warp engine field grille, bussardram-scoop, escape pods… the main bridge is as always on the top. warp core ejection pod. then as usually an article about the designprocess (of this ship). it was designed by alex jaeger fromindustrial light and magic, who has often helped with the designs of different startrek starships. and an article about becoming the borg, becausealex jaeger has created also the new process

of borg assimilation. here are some storyboards of the new process,which we have seen for the first time in star trek first contact. now you can see the ship was for the firsttime in star trek first contact and later in star trek deep space nineand the next issue was vulcan d’kyr class – issue 54. that will be next week. thank you very much and if you like this videofeel free to hit that "thumbs up" button and as i saidsee you next week.

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