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not usually into posting negative reviews on a wg’s profile page,but will tell you now that coco is a proper head case i think it’s in the interestof the community to share as much infoon this one as possible booked an [in call] with her since the wife and the kidswere away in corfu first impression’s okay probably not 18 as claimed,but proper british accent

was worried from her pick she could be one of those new eu prossies that barely know what country they’re in wasn’t exactly into the teenie goth look but she does have memorable green eyes and nice little tits fucked her real good would have said at this pointseven or an eight out of ten afterwards, she asked to stay for a drink

i knew at the time it was weird but with an empty houseand a load of booze just thought, "fuck it" eventually, she tells meshe has a brain tumor and she’d been told that morningshe had two weeks to live saying over and over there’d bejust like a total solar eclipse of course, it was all the talkof a lowlife desperate fucking junkie in search of her next fix when i came around,she’d done one over on the place

fucking bitch liftedall my wife’s jewelry, including a watchwith priceless sentimental value obviously, police were a no-go but determined to track her down anyone with info, ratings,reviews of old punts email me, or post here i am one of coco’s biggest fans if not the biggest firstly, her eyes are blue, not green

secondly, she’s the sweetest girlyou will ever meet and as a wg, specializesin girlfriend experience i would say that she’s even saved my life on a couple of occasions i would advise you to be carefulwith your accusations coco has a growing online fan base and following a recentcrowdfunding campaign is about to launch her video debut she does not have time to pay attention

to what some middle-aged chapwrites about her online but i did show her yesterday,and all she had to say was "that’s bullshit" i photographed the girl above for an ongoing project on sex workers she does work under various names though none of them are her real one i’ll refer to her as "jasmine" i always ask how they want to be portrayed

she said "normal, and just hanging out,"so that’s what we did i won’t say much, but there areextremely complicated reasons behind jasmine’s situation, that involvea harrowing escape to london from an extremely religiousand powerful family the whole ideaof pages like this is repulsive but i’m wading in becausei can’t stand to see her harassed and framed in suchpredictable male fantasies if you have accusations,take them to the police i, for one, will be contacting them

if this thread getsany more threatening was out of town and bored so booked coco to seewhat all the fuss was about she turned up an hour after we agreed,which was serious because i was so fucking horny,i was ready to burst on top of that, she was confused,and reeked of alcohol i told her right then and thereshe wasn’t getting paid but the scumbag said she didn’t care and was just desperate for me to hit it

my dick is 11-plus inches and i went to that shit like a juggernaut while she was riding my beast i decided to give her a little surprise i tickled her lightlyon the back of the head and blew her no-good, thieving,feminist brains out that final spasm was pretty hot but unfortunately my rating systemdoesn’t allow for half marks anyway, sorry guys… no more coco

very funny clownkilla, however,this place is a valuable resource for punters and prossies alike consider this a final warning–honest and accurate reviews only oh my god!i went to school with coco some guy from my classpassed a link around and now it’s everywhere just so you know, i’m not a prostitute i only signed up to post this coco’s real name is lydia

and she was literallythe least sexiest person in the whole place, so this is hilarious on the other hand, she’d been inlike seven different care homes and once this teacher asked herwhen world war ii started and she said 1983 she would literally doanything for attention for example, she said she sleptwith her eyes open she’d just sit there and zone outin this really weird way we’d all do stuff to test it,and see if she was sleeping through

anyway, one day she just disappeared there were all these rumorsshe got expelled after they found a list in her pencil case of everyone she was going to kill but this other girl told meit was because she got pregnant and was going to name itafter marvin from jls tbh, i’ve seen a lotof coco’s photos online and can guarantee they all haveloads of photoshop on them i can’t believe lydia’s a prostitute now,but i’m not judging her

everyone has to findtheir own path in life peace trolls and haters should stfu i was coco’s best friend,in and out of school and i knew the real her none of you know anything about her life and to talk shitabout her baby is just low it’s true that coco was not very academic but she made up for itwith her personality

she’s a cancer, which meansshe has the deepest emotions in the entire zodiac,and will never, ever betray you she smells exactly like a satsuma and whenever i put thatto the sound of her laugh, i want to cry – anyway.- anyway these days, coco gets paidto fuck people in louboutins and sips cristal afterwards so all of those motherfuckers can go to– this page just gets more and more awesome

if we’re all just voicesin coco’s head we should try some mind control how about a freebie, coco baby? how much do you think you’re really worth? turns out our coco’s been making waveson the world wide web you’d think we’d be ashamed,but we’re buddhists now and let’s make one thing clear: coco came to us by airmail, snailmail that’s how they did it in those days

we loaded her upwith all the right information raised her like flesh and blood the nightmare began the daylittle chelsea carmichael came to the door she had no shoes she said because coco had stolen them i said, "no, not my coco. never" but, of course, they wereright there under her mattress not long after that followed the sickness illnesses of every type:physical, emotional, psychological

neurological, respiratory, circulatory digestive, depressive, protosexual hypersexual, psychosexual, postsexual how can one person have so many? the answer is: she must have wanted it i shouldn’t say that, but it’s true regulars, anyone rememberthe incredible clairvoyant prossie known as "goldie"? thing is, one daysomeone hacked her webcam

and saw some obesehunk of shit jacking off guys, coco isn’t real sadface no coco is all too real i say this because i’m almost certain she works in my local pound kingdom to prove it, i took some secret footage sorry it’s not great,but i think you can see well enough

it’s the same girl as in the profile pic i advise curious puntersto go down for themselves to see the famous coco in the flesh what they will discover isthat there is, in fact nothing remarkableabout this girl whatsoever it makes me wonder who’s the girlin the original photo, anyway? is she even a prostitute? or did someone just steal the image?

where there be a body,the vultures surely gather and so all you come for my girl’s fleshwith your techno phones and your whisperingand your pussy clad eyes making her into a whore and after all you scooped out this where you brought back her muscles and pushed them into your throats tatiana was not one for chitterchatter her soul clean and tidy

no job was too small for her no corner of our good storenot stocked up and shining bright that’s why i see right awayshe not out there upon the floor dear tati, always eat that strangelunch of hers in the bathroom but it’s not lunchtime i knock and i the time i get inside already the lord took her soul this your doing! may the smoke of all your tormentascend it forever and ever

for there is no rest, day or night, for those worshippingthe beast and his image! punters, prossies, spambots sockpuppets, algorithms,mums and dads i know how much you wanted to believei worked in pound kingdom even though the girl in the videolooks nothing like me but i’m going to tell you the truthfrom the very beginning it’s true that i providedadult services in the past but i’m moving intothe humanitarian sphere

the truth is, today i shot my video yay! me, four guys, bam bam bam bam that’s the thing about war it makes you want to do your bit today i was deeply seen they heard about the wavesi was making online, and they booked me they heard me. they booked me.and they deeply saw me [inaudible] dot com.bam bam bam bam

the truth is i have a story that is a little bit sad but that your viewersare going to really connect with my father was a petri dish,my mother a pipette my sister, agent orange, or anthrax or something else beginning with "a",i don’t remember if you want the cold, hard truth i used to be a calculator,and in three simple steps fold into an ironing board

on set i got super thirsty,and sipped a lean combinator drink will you google my video? don’t forget, i switched backto my birthname which is "mother teresa" if you want to knowhow many people i’ve killed, press 1 to see my baby, press star if you want the deepest, hottest truth i’m crucifiable in 4.5 seconds and if you have a credit card

you can make me watch the cross happen in 63 scheduled shows per minute if you insist on knowingthe absolute truth my sign is aquarius, which meansi fal in love with literally everyone and the color of my eyes isluminescent turquoise ultramarine okay guys, fun’s over honest and accurate reviews only deleting goodnight, coco

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